Review Policy

We started this blog because we loved to talk about books and share our thoughts with our friends.
We would like to make it clear that reviews are subjective. The reviews we write are our own personal feelings - we are honest about how we feel and sometimes this may include things we dislike about a book as well as what we did like. We will always be respectful to the Author and the book. If we give a book a low rating it does not mean we think its a bad book, just that its not our cup of tea.

 We also want to make it clear that part of what we do involves forming relationships with authors. This is so we can discuss their books with them, join their blog tours and arrange interviews and giveaways. However we have a responsibility to our readers and we believe that just because we have a relationship with an author or have joined a blog tour or have received an ARC, this should have no effect on how we review their book - we will still review from the heart based on the book content and we hope that the authors  can respect that. 
We use a 5 star rating system.
Here's our guide:
5 Stars
We thought it was an absolutely amazing book. We totally loved it & highly recommend it.

 4.5 Stars
We thought it was a brilliant book. We loved it, it wasn't quite enough for 5 Stars though. We highly recommend it.
4 Stars
We loved it & think it's a definite read.

 3.5 Stars  
We really liked it & recommend it.

 3 Stars 
We thought it was a good enjoyable read.

 2 Stars
We didn't really enjoy it.

 1 Star
We didn't like it, It's definitely not our cup of tea
If you would like to put forward your book for review, please email us at please be aware that we can be booked up months in advance but will endeavour to accomodate those requests that tickle our reading tastebuds.

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