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Giveaway ~ Tangled by Emma Chase

Courtesy of Author Emma Chase, we have an ecopy of Tangled to give away!
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Tangled by Emma Chase

Reviewed by Donna, Dawn & Willow

What Donna says: 5 rolling on the floor laughing, tears streaming, rib tickling tummy spasms from laughing so hard stars!!

OMG, what have I just read….only the funniest, craziest, jaw dropping book I have EVER read…are we sure that Emma Chase really is a woman???? Seriously, how can a woman have so much insight into a blokes head….and be so freaking accurate…I had to ask a few blokes what they thought of a few of Drew’s thoughts etc and they were like yeah I can relate to that, or yeah why didn’t I think of that…who is this Drew, can I meet him, I think we could be best friends!!

I absolutely adored Drew, he was hilarious, even though he just thought he was being a player!! Pre Kate he was just soooooooo…..whats the word I’m looking for…obnoxious, head up his own arse, confident, cocky, arrogant…everything you would steer clear of on a night out..he just wants to play the game, no strings, no names just an easy lay to release the stress…

The prologue was hilarious, you could tell that Drew was not suffering from man flu, but it made you want to find out what had happened to make him fall into this state…it could only have been the love of a woman…7 days holed up in his flat…it was the embarrassment that he had actually failed to get a woman, how could anybody dare to not want Drew Evans, how dare any girl break the heart of the player that was Drew Evans??

I loved Kate, she was successful, confident, stunning and she took no shit in a mans world…. Drew had already met Kate in a bar a few nights before he was introduced to the new Exec at his dads firm…Kate had been on his mind for days since she knocked him back at the bar and now his worst nightmare was sitting across the meeting room from him and they were in competition…not good!! But this makes for some amazeballs writing, my personal favourite is when they are both trying to get to the office the earliest..before it was even mentioned in the book all I could think was War of the Roses..this had me peeing my pants especially as I had been there and done was oh so familiar.

Emma Chase style of story telling was both imaginative and so different from anything else I have read, the narration from Drew’s mind, his little anecdotes and his thoughts and sub conscious had me howling with laughter, this is total genius from Emma Chase. If you ever want to know what a man is thinking, this is the book to read.

I don’t want to say too much as it will spoil it and there is only so much you can say about being inside a blokes head…other than it is messy…but here are some of my favourite quotes from the book…I had highlighted loads (well almost the whole book) and I ain’t typing all of them out so a select few will have to do….

“You know on TV when there’s one of those awkward, shocking moments and all you hear are the crickets in the background?

Well chirp fucking chirp...this is one of those moments.”

“For God's sake, don't let her watch Cinderella. What kind of example is that? A mindless twit who can't even remember where she left her damn shoe, so she has to wait for some douchebag in tights to bring it to her? Give me a frigging break!”

“It makes me want to kiss her and strangle her at the same time. I’ve never been into S&M. But I’m beginning to see its benefits.”

“Newsflash, ladies: We can’t read your thoughts. And frankly, I’m not entirely sure I’d want to. The female mind is a scary place to be.”

“It’s simple guy logic: If a woman is angry? It means she cares. If you’re in a relationship and a chick can’t even be bothered to yell at you? You’re screwed. Indifference is a woman’s kiss of death. It’s the equivalent of a man not interested in sex. In either case—it’s over. You’re done.”

Absolute freaking genius, Emma Chase I love you…you have to write more…I cannot pimp this book enough, go out and buy, you will not be disappointed!!

What Willow says: 5 stars

This book is so refreshing. Its not often a book is told solely from the male's POV, but that's not just it - the way it's told, being inside Drew's head is witty and funny. Ok so I'm going at admit something here - don't throw anything at me - I wasn't finding it as funny as some of you were, my husband never had to ask me what I was having a laughing fit about, but that doesn't mean I didn't find it funny - I did smirk quite a lot. It was quick to read, light and fun and I enjoyed it a lot.

The way it started was great, I love prologues that start the book halfway through the story and then you have carry on reading to find out how they got to that point.

The characters are all great. As I said Drew is witty and funny and the change you see him go through as he realises is emotions is great. Kate is strong and feisty at times and even the side characters are fab.

There are many great lines in this book, but being a twilight fan this one springs to mind:

Edward Cullen can take his stupid Heroin and OD on it. Kate is my own Personal brand of Viagra.

I'll admit something else here too - I had never seen The Notebook (I know right?) but reference to it in this book made me go watch it!

A great book that is simply a must read!

What Dawn says:  5 Stars

This book was fantastic. I loved it was from the male POV. We get right inside Drew's head feeling all his crazy male emotions. Cause let's face it they to have a crazy way of thinking!! 

Drew is used to getting things he wants and not having to wait around for them.... Until Kate comes along and makes his work his ass off to get her. 

Kate is a strong woman who has got where she is by working hard. She's not about to let Drew walk all over her in the office or otherwise. 

The book was fun, witty and entertaining. Like Willow I wasn't laughing out loud but I did get asked a couple of times what I was smirking at!! 

It's a quick refreshing read but it still has the angst and steam we all love in our books. 

The side characters were good too. I loved his relationship with his niece. And "The Bitch" was a great character. 

I would definitely recommend this. 

I'll leave you with a few of my fave bits; 

 "Fine’s a funny word, don’t you think? I don’t think there’s another like it in the English language that says so much while actually saying so little. How many wives have told their husbands, “I’m fine,” when they really mean, “I want to cut your balls off with a butcher knife”? How many men have told their girlfriends, “You look fine,” when they really mean, “You need to go back to the gym and work out—a lot.” It’s the universal way of saying we’re just peachy—when we’re really anything but."

"Yep, you heard me right -she's a nun. But not just any nun, kiddies. Sister Beatrice was a NILF. I don't need to spell that one out for you, do I?" 

"Pussy whipped, thy name is Drew.

Yeah, I know. It's okay. I don't mind. 'Cause if this is the Dark Side? Sign me up. Seriously. Don't be surprised if I start skipping down the street singing, "Zip-a-Dee-fucking-Doo-Dah." I'm that happy."

Willow: I just want to say I have just read the girls reviews whilst preparing this post, and have been chuckling away to myself at the lines they have quoted! it is a really fun read and if you haven't read it you should - so thanks to Emma Chase, we've got an ecopy to giveaway!
The giveaway will be up on the blog shortly :-)   

Thursday 30 May 2013

Release Event ~ Beauty from Surrender (Beauty 2) by Georgia Cates ~ Excerpt & Giveaways

To celebrate the release of Beauty from Surrender, book 2 in the Beauty Series by Georgia Cates, we have an excerpt and a giveaway!
Book Blurb:
The story of Jack Henry and Laurelyn continues...
How do you move on when he’s every song you sing?
After Laurelyn Prescott walks away from the love of her life, she returns to Nashville to pursue the only dream she has left. Determined to find a distraction from the pain of losing Jack Henry, she immerses herself in her music. But with her old life comes old acquaintances and new expectations. When Laurelyn refuses her record producer’s outrageous demands, she finds herself without a career—until an unforeseen opportunity presents itself. From there it’s a rocket ride straight to the top where Laurelyn finds the success she’s always dreamed of. Will it be enough to bring her the happiness she so deserves, or will the absence of Jack Henry leave her wanting more?

Jack Henry McLachlan never expected to fall in love with Laurelyn Prescott—but he did. After he foolishly let her slip through his fingers, he spends three months searching for her, but their reunion doesn’t come easy. The woman he finds isn’t the same one who drifted away without a goodbye. No longer an insecure girl on an Australian adventure, this Laurelyn is a successful musician with a promising career. Her dreams are becoming a reality, and Jack is terrified his American girl won’t have a place for him in her new life. With only a month to convince her otherwise, will it be enough time to make her visualize a life beyond the glitz and glamour, a life that includes him?
Laurelyn Prescott’s POV
He holds out a red rose for me. “You have an admirer.”
I take the rose and bring it to my nose. Being given a bouquet of flowers isn’t unusual after a show but I’ve never been given a single rose before. It seems so intimate. “A fan, I suppose?”
“I found this dude standing outside the door looking in here just now. I asked him who he was but he didn’t say. He just told me to give you the rose and this guitar. Oh, and tell you he enjoyed the show—that you were ‘fan-fucking-tastic.’” He puts the case at my feet and the world around me begins to spin way too fast.
It’s my Martin. That can only mean Jack Henry was here. Right outside that door—that cracked door—while Charlie was kissing me.
I dash off the couch and run down the hallway, calling out for him like a maniac. “Jack Henry! Jack Henry!”
I have no idea which way to go, but I run toward the auditorium. It’s empty other than the cleaning staff, so I run toward the lobby and out to the street where I pray I’ll find him standing on the sidewalk.
It’s storming and the raindrops pelting down sting as they hit my face. I reach up to push my wet hair from my eyes and that’s when I see him. He’s getting into a cab up the street. “Jack Henry!” I shout at the top of my lungs but he doesn’t hear me. He’s too far away. “Jack Henry!”
I run toward the car screaming his name and I reach the cab as it’s leaving. I slam my hand across the top of the trunk as hard as I can before watching it pull away, taking him out of my life again.
“Nooo!” I scream so loudly, my vocal cords spasm. I drop to my knees there on the cold, wet concrete. I try to scream, and again, nothing comes out because my breath has been taken from me.
Please, don’t leave. Please, don’t be gone out of my life forever.
Buy Links:
About the Author:

Georgia resides in rural Mississippi with her wonderful husband, Jeff, and their two beautiful daughters. She spent fourteen years as a labor and delivery nurse before deciding to pursue her dream of becoming an author. Despite the struggle, she has no regrets in her decision to try this crazy life. She can honestly say that she’s living the dream.
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Forgiven (This 3) by J B McGee Blog Tour ~ Review & Tour Giveaway!

 Forgiven is book three in the This Series by JB McGee.
Book Synopsis:
Everyone has a past…good or bad, they are always there. They lurk and linger in the shadows, sometimes reappearing at the most inconvenient times.
Gabby and Bradley thought that their pasts would remain dormant, that happiness was theirs for the taking. Still the strongest of relationships can be rocked by the ugliness from a previous life, even if it seems to be a world away. The fact remains an ugly past is never distant. It taints everything it touches, drives permanent rifts between loved ones, and sometimes can ruin everything. Gabby and Bradley must find the only way to battle the past. Forgiveness becomes a light through the darkness, a guide for the lost, and hope for the hopeless. With forgiveness comes bright, new beginnings.

 Our Review:

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 Stars
I must admit, the title scared me at first…who needed forgiveness???? Bradley or Gabby…what did they do to warrant it????...everything was out in the open or so I thought…that is the beauty of titles..if it is a good one, it gets your mind racing before you have even started the first page.
This is the continuation of Bradley and Gabby’s story. I love these two, they have had more than their fair share of things to overcome and this book is no exception, however, after the ending of this book their story is now complete so it will be other characters going forward. I do hope though that we can continue to read about them going forward in the up and coming books…just a few little snippets will do!!
The baby daddy saga does continue through this book, although if you have read the previous books and novella we deep down know who the daddy is but Bradley and Gabby do not. He jumps in to help Veronica which was impossibly infuriating at times but you could not help but feel for him, even though some of his choices at times had me tossing my kindle. Deep down I knew he was doing the right thing by what may or may not have been his child but I just wish it didn’t have to cause as much heart break as it did for Gabby. Ian is still loitering in the background as usual, but again I feel sorry for him too. God it is infuriating, the thing is with JB McGee is that she shows you the best and worst in every character…I even felt for Veronica at one point in the last book even though I think that she is a total b***h for putting everyone through this ridiculous charade.
Bradley and Gabby are busy planning their wedding despite what is going on with Veronica and the baby.  They move in together, buy a house and Gabby is still studying so actually they don’t really see that much of each other and does begin to put pressure on their relationship. They actually seemed to see more of each other when they were long distance. A piece of Gabby’s past shows up in this book and puts some more perspective into Gabbys back story. We have lots of different POV’s in this book which was fantastic. It really helped to build the story up and a feel for all the characters that will be taking this series going forward.
We still have the build up to the wedding night and what will take place, although it is getting harder and harder for both of them. This scene was realistically written and for that I am grateful but after all the build up I would have liked it to have lasted a bit longer…I am just a sucker for this type of relationship and want to feel all that pent up want and desire release over pages and pages…it is most probably me being greedy!!!
Once again, I have loved JB McGee’s writing and I cannot wait for the next and the next and the next and anything else she cares to pen in the future. I will never tire of her incredible writing skills.
“ Do you know your blood types?”
Bradley “I am O positive”
Ian responds “A positive and since I know you can’t tell us Veronica’s because of HIPPA, I know that she’s O positive too”
………………………………………..I nod my head and narrow my eyes at him. The sooner I can get away from him the better. She closes the chart and then as soon as she speaks, we have our answer”

Who is the daddy?????? Read it and find out!!!

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.


J.B. McGee was born and raised in Aiken, South Carolina. After graduating from South Aiken High School, she toured Europe as a member of the 1999 International Bands of America Tour, playing the clarinet. While attending Converse College, an all- girls school in Spartanburg, South Carolina, she visited Charleston often. It quickly became one of her favorite vacation spots. She met her husband, Chad, during Christmas break her freshman year, and they married in 2001 and she moved back to her home town.

In 2005, the couple welcomed their first son, Noah. J.B. finished her Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education at the University of South Carolina-Aiken in 2006. During her time studying children's literature, a professor had encouraged her to become a writer.

In 2007, she welcomed their second child, Jonah, and she became a stay at home mom/entrepreneur. In 2009, the found out their two children and J.B. have Mitochondrial Disease. In 2011, a diagnosis also was given to Chad. Please take a moment and learn more about Mitochondrial Disease. Awareness is key to this disease that has no cure or treatments.

J.B. McGee and her family now reside in Buford, Georgia, to be closer to their children's medical team. After a passion for reading had been re-ignited, J.B. decided to finally give writing a shot. Broken (This Series), is her first book and first series

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Exposure by Iris Blaire

Reviewed by Donna ~ 3.5 Stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was refreshing to read something so completely different to what we normally receive these days. It was a unique story. The opening line gets you gripped and intrigued…

“Selling sex is like owning an ice cream truck. You make all your clients sticky and satiated, and they'll remember to come back the next day when they're hot and bothered and needing to be quenched.”

Evan or Rylan…depending upon what scenario she finds herself is one cool/nerdy chick…how can that be you ask??? As Evan, she is Miss Prim and Proper…super intelligent, top of her class, quiet, timid, shy, just does everything she can not to be noticed…now as Rylan…that just opens a whole new can of whoop ass…Rylan is her alter ego, she is the girl that poses for a college lads magazine. She is super sexy, confident, snarky, glamorous and all the boys want her, they probably do things over her that I don’t even want to think about lol. Evan does not want anyone to associate her with Rylan and she goes to extreme lengths to ensure that her identity is never revealed, went dressed as Evan she is in her nerdy, geeky disguise.  All this is about to change when Rylan is asked to do a photo shoot with Dallas.

Dallas, hmmmm all I can say is gorgeous, super sexy and best yet for Evan, super fact they share a class…as you can imagine this worries Evan.

The chemistry these two have is off the charts, you can feel it ooze off the page and their photo story throughout the books just drags you through all the emotions and confusion the two go through..unfortunately Dallas has been in a relationship for a long time. However, neither of them can deny what they feel and the pictures tell a thousand tales!!!

This book follows their story from beginning to end, the ups and downs and all in between. There are decisions to be made by both of them, which are not easy. Evan is still worried about her identity, at the end of the day she does not want anyone to know how she pays her way through college.

This book is perfect in length, in does not drag it out and it is not too short…it was a really enjoyable quick read. There is a lot of sexy scenes as you can imagine and they are seriously hot…like fan yourself hot, as I said above the chemistry between the two of them is amazing. I don’t normally condone “cheating” in any shape or form but this is a book and not real life, however I will add my two penneth as I know some will say it is bad…was his girlfriend really a proper girlfriend…she seemed so wrapped up in her own life to even care or notice what was going on with Dallas..and before you all shout at me I know she was working hard because Dallas wasn’t earning much as he was still in college…but what right minded girlfriend would actually enrol their boyfriend for modelling with other women…I wouldn’t hell no!! I know she trusted him blah blah blah but I think that the relationship had more or less run its course before Rylan/Evan even came on the scene. Also they never actually do the deed before, but get pretty darn close.

A fab fun read that I really enjoyed!!

Giveaway winner announced ~ The Do Over

Thank you to everyone who entered our giveaway for an ecopy of The Do Over by AL Zaun. 

The winner selected by is

 Tina Connor Myers

Congratulations! You have 24 hours to contact us and tell us where you want it gifted from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Smashwords.

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Lockout (The Alfa Group 2) by Maya Cross

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 Stars

This book picks up where Locked finished with Sophia having walked away after what she saw on Sebastian’s phone…however this little blip is soon ironed out and Sophia and Sebastian continue with their relationship.

Sebastian is still the enigma, who is Sebastian Lock??? What does he do??? There is something about the man of mystery and I still haven’t managed to put my finger on it…but it has me intrigued, I can normally see where stories are going but this one has me stumped!!! I am not liking it one bit…I even emailed Maya Cross to tell her she is killing me…but she just replied I would have to wait lol…not good for someone as impatient as I am.

We do start to see a different side to Sebastian in this book, he does open up a lot more with Sophia, mainly over his feelings as he doesn’t open up about anything else…I am sure that this is a case of can’t open up rather than won’t open up. He is definitely tied into something that he feels would scare Sophia away and judging by the CLIFF HANGER ending….maybe he was right.

They continue with their friends with benefits arrangement in the beginning with Sebastian still showing his dominant, kinky side but we see another side to Sebastian especially when they go to the Spanish restaurant. Just as Sophia feels they are making progress things happen and Sebastian is once again left feeling what he has always known. 

“Everything you saw was real Sophia. I’m a lot of things, things that may not be easy to understand, but I am also the same man I was a few days ago. The man who danced with you and held you and felt so impossibly lucky to wake up next to you. The man who thinks he is falling in love with you” 

The sex between these two as ever is seriously smoking…and as usual is not only in the bedroom, there are a few wild and crazy scenes in this book..but you can’t help but root for this couple, you want them to fall in love and have their HEA but I think that Maya Cross is going to put us through the wringer before we actually get it L.
A little snippet from a heart breaking letter… 

“I really thought that maybe I could do this again, that things would be different this time. But now I see how impossible that is. I can never have a normal life. The risks are just too great” 

Why is it impossible????? I need to know….like YESTERDAY!!!

At least I only have to wait till July….not long you say…..but after the ending…July cannot come soon enough….I need to KNOW…..the suspense is killing me!!

Once again Maya Cross, I loved it….just type quicker pleaseeeeeee, pretty please!!!

Giveaway Winner Announced ~ Love & Skate Series

Thank you to everyone who entered our giveaway for a set of 3 ebooks from the Love & Skate series by Lila Felix.

The winner selected by is:

Jodi Ciorciari-Marinich

Congratulations! Please contact us within 48 hours to claim your prize!

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Cover Reveal ~ Into the Deep by Samantha Young

Take a look at the beautiful cover of Samantha Young's new book Into the Deep.
Into the Deep will be out on 20th August 2013 in both ebook and paperback.
Book Blurb:
Live young. Live hard. Love deep.
Charley Redford was just an ordinary girl until Jake Caplin moved to her small town in Indiana and convinced her she was extraordinary. Almost from day one Jake pulled Charley into the deep and promised he was right there with her. But when a tragic incident darkened Jake’s life he waded out into the shallows and left Charley behind.
Almost four years later Charley thinks she’s moved on. That is until she takes a study year abroad in Edinburgh and bumps into none other than Jake Caplin at a party with his new girlfriend. The bad-boy-turned-good attempts to convince Charley to forgive him, and as her best friend starts spending time with Jake’s, Charley calls a truce, only to find herself tumbling back into a friendship with him.
As they grow closer, the spark between them flares and begins playing havoc with their lives and relationships. When jealousy and longing rear their destructive heads, Charley and Jake struggle to come to grips with what they mean to one another.
And even if they work it out, there is no guarantee Charley will ever trust Jake to lead her back into the deep…
About the author:
Samantha Young is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author from Stirlingshire, Scotland. She's been nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Author and Best Romance for her international bestselling novel ON DUBLIN STREET.
For more info on Samantha's adult fiction visit or


Sunday 26 May 2013

Release Event ~ The Do Over by AL Zaun ~ Excerpt & Giveaway

To Celebrate the release of The Do Over by AL Zaun we have an excerpt from the book and an ebook giveaway!

Book Blurb:
 Life doesn’t look like it’s supposed to for Dani Ruiz, a hopeless romantic.  After a painful and sudden break-up with Rick Marin—who  she thought was the One—Dani hides away from reality, retreating to a world of fiction, preferring book boyfriends over the hassles of a relationship.

After almost two years of watching Dani in a holding pattern, her friends stage an intervention and force her back into the real world of dating.

Unexpectedly, Dani meets Liam Lucas, a down-to-earth firefighter. He might be the person to show her she’s still worth something. Dani’s hesitant to trust her heart with another man, but their instant and electric chemistry is something she can’t deny.
As Dani starts to believe that she’s found her real-life book boyfriend, Rick decides that he’ll go to any lengths to get her back. Seeing Rick as a changed man makes Dani question everything.
Can Dani trust her patched-up heart with Liam?
Or has Rick transformed into the man she’s always wanted?
Told from various points of views, The Do Over is a story of second chances and new beginnings. 

Book Trailer:

If above video does not appear click here:

Book Excerpt:
From the corner of my eye, I could tell the instructor was tall and lean. He didn’t look too bad for an old dude. I was still glued to my Kindle, struggling to deal with the angst in the book, as I kept my composure in class. I have to finish this chapter. I could not believe what the heroine was about to do. I had a strong desire to scream and throw my Kindle against the wall. Feeling an urgent need to pace, I instead bounced my leg nervously as I chewed on my thumb. I knew this wasn’t good. I was having a book meltdown, sitting in a training class, as the instructor started talking. 
The instructor introduced himself. Wait. Did I hear him say Lucas? Am I in the right class? The instructor was supposed to be Captain Rafael Santos. Feeling a surge of panic rise inside of me, my face flushed as I painfully tore myself away from my novel.  
Slowly, I looked up through my lashes to see that he was walking in my direction. He stopped right in front of me. He was wearing black cargo pants that fit rather nicely on what could only be a tall body. My eyes kept going up until I hit his gray standard county-issued polo, which just so happened to show that he worked out. I shyly smiled as heat rose to my cheeks. I wanted to die of pure embarrassment.  
As a bright blush warmed my face, he looked straight into my eyes. He had the bluest eyes I’d ever seen. With eyes just like Miami’s sky and his dirty blond hair cropped short, he was breathtaking. My peripheral vision was correct. He was tall, lean, and yes, muscular. He was so not the old dude. I was a paralyzed mute. It took all my willpower to keep my mouth from hanging open.  
Bending over, he leaned in close to my ear. As his unshaven face brushed against my neck, he whispered, “I’m a jealous fool, and I don’t share. Do you mind putting it away?” His tone told me he wasn’t asking but telling me what to do. He paused briefly as he leaned even closer. “Name?”  
My heart skipped a beat. “Daniela Ruiz,” I stammered.  
As he slowly stood back up, he winked. He moved to close the door and then walked back down to the front of the class. 
At that moment, I realized that I’d been holding my breath with my legs pressed tightly together. Someone call a code blue. I wouldn’t mind at all if he had to administer CPR on me. Hmm, maybe I was a little premature on my stance involving men. For the first time in a very long time, I felt hopeful and a little turned on. Okay, I was a lot turned on. 
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About the Author:

A.L. Zaun graduated from Florida International University with a degree in English Literature a long time ago.  A degree she didn’t use at all in her professional endeavors.  She loves to read, write and take pictures.  She walks around with her camera, and most importantly she has her e-reader available at all times.  Healthcare Management by day, Mommy in the evening and most nights, you can find her sitting in front of her laptop with a bottle of Diet Pepsi, bringing the voices in her head to life on the pages of her debut novel, The Do Over.

Author social media links:
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 Giveaway will run until 28th May. Winner will be picked the following day by Winner must contact us by 30th May or a new winner will be picked. eBooks will be gifted from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Smashwords via AToMR Tours.

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