Sunday 28 April 2013

Breathe into Me by Amanda Stone

Reviewed by Donna 3.5 Stars

A fab debut book from Amanda Stone. I was hooked from the beginning and had to finish in one sitting…you knew something was building but you had to wait till the end…I did feel that the ending was a bit rushed but still really enjoyed it.
Kane…hmmmm yum yum yum..gorgeous, bad boy, biker dude with gray eyes, tats, piercings and has the most lovable grandparents ever!! My fave grandparents yet!! Kane was a bad boy, his parents died..he spiralled out of control, did lots of things he regretted including lots and lots of gratuitous sex with all and sundry, hence the player bad boy rep he has going. However, Kane has changed, he dragged himself up with the help of his grand parents, removed himself from the “bad” in his life, enrolled back in school, got a job, got a new apartment and was just trying to get himself back on track. As Kane finds out, as he keeps himself to himself now, people are not so willing to let his reputation disappear with the old Kane.
Kelsey is extremely damaged, she decides to move away from her past and the pity to go to uni with her best friend Jessie (and a fab best friend she is too). She wants to get the old Kelsey back and tries her best to make it happen..Kelsey has a lot of guilt over her mothers death, which her father was then put in prison for and this back story is revealed eventually. Kelsey keeps bumping into Kane around campus and they both cannot get each other out of their heads, eventually they speak, make friends and become each others confidantes..this friendship does not last long as they soon realise that it is a friendship they both want but a lot lot more..both have never dated so it is a learning curve for them both. As in any real life relationship there are ups and downs, angst, stupid decisions and misunderstandings..but will all be ok in the world????  You will just have to read and see.. throw in a really freaky study partner and the shock of all endings and you will be dragged into the book as quickly as I was.
The romance side was beautifully written could be very super sweet at times, but as Kelsey was a novice at all things male it was justified..Kane was so believable in this book, he took his time with Kelsey which is just what she needed and I think deep down he needed it too. Loved the tattoo, so sweet. Loved the relationship between Jessie and Landon and so glad that Landon stepped in when required to stand up for Kane, being best friends since diapers he knew that for Kane this was different and stood up for him when needed.
Great first book, cannot wait to read more from this author.

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