Saturday 27 April 2013

Rock My Bed (Black Falcon 2) by Michelle A. Valentine

Reviewed by Donna 4 shiny stars!! 

Must admit I was a bit nervous going into this one as in the first 2 books I did not like Riff. I thought am I going to be able to read about a character I detest??? Well the answer was yes and yes I did really enjoy his story. In fact, this made his behaviour understandable to a certain degree. It was fab to get his back story and such a sad story it was too. I felt for the poor guy, he is extremely broken, carries a lot of guilt around and believes that he is unlovable, as everyone he loves leaves.  
Aubrey was a great character anyway and she just made the book!! We knew all about her anyways so not much more was revealed but the way that she carried herself in this book was great. She does make a few shaky decisions that I could have throttled her for but then as usual, they come to their senses eventually. Why anybody thinks they should end up with somebody safe that they have no physical or emotional attraction to is beyond me, whether they are a bad boy or not love should be the most important.
Riff does not get off scot free either, he also makes some crazy decisions but luckily for him his band mates make him see the light!! The thing that made Riff for me during this book is what he asked Aubrey to call him when they were together..his real name..(sigh!!)..he wanted to make sure that she knew she was with him, not Riff the rocker and that just made him even more endearing, the fact that he needed and wanted the differentiation was super cute!!
The instant messaging and texting between the two of them is super sweet and at points hilarious and adds to their relationship. These two were meant for each other and you felt that coming off the page, Riff was greatly misunderstood in the first two books and I am so glad that we got to see the real Riff in this one.
The sex scenes in this book are sexier and a bit more risqué with some soft BDSM and kinky sex, but I feel that the sex scenes in all the books are not Michelle Valentine’s forte, she excels in the back stories, the relationships, the build up and drawing you in to the characters.
This book does not carry on from the last but actually from the Las Vegas concert, this is fab as we get some questions answered that were outstanding from the first book. Aubrey’s boss in this book is highly irritating and I was so glad he got his just deserts at Noel and Lanie’s wedding, couldn’t have happened to a nicer man!
So looking forward to the twins story too, we saw them a lot more in this book and they are highly entertaining and extremely interesting…think there could be a lot of fun to be had with these two, especially if Michelle is taking us down a more kinky side with her writing.
Cannot wait for the next instalment!!

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