Tuesday 30 April 2013

Temptation (Club Destiny 2) & Addicted (Club Destiny 2.5) By Nicole Edwards

Temptation (Club Destiny 2)  Reviewed by Donna 4.5 smoking hot Stars

If it could be possible, this book is even hotter than the first one and concentrates on the relationship between Luke, Cole and Sierra. This threesome is a permanent threesome, not just the odd night here of there, all 3 are in the relationship and they all want it for keeps!!

Luke is still in shock after what happened during the foursome in "Conviction" and basically went into hiding, he could not believe his depth of feeling for Cole and had to get away from it all.

Logan decides to do a bit of matchmaking and asks Luke to accompany the very sexy Sierra Sellars to a conference in Vegas as she is new in town and needs to be shown the area and of course Logan is too busy.. they instantly hit it off on the plane where Logan's matchmaking isn't finished as Cole is on it too!!

During the time in Vegas we get some truly hot, smoking love scenes between the three of them but ultimately this freaks Luke out again and what does Luke do best..he runs and hides. He is in shock about what happened between the three of them in Vegas and basically as the saying goes wants it to stay in Vegas.

In this book, Cole is the one that melts my heart, I feel for him I really do..this is a tortuously angsty read but also incredibly hot..Cole just wants to be loved, he loves Luke (has done for ages) and now loves Sierra too.. he just wants Luke to accept him and love him back, but is slowly being destroyed by Luke's continual rejection. Some of the hottest scenes during this book are Luke and Cole together, normally with Sierra watching..there is always a testosterone struggle between the two, with both vying for dominance, Luke feels that he has to be the aggressor to make it more mentally acceptable to himself whereas Cole just wants them to "love" one another...eventually Cole does manage to break Luke down and Luke accepts his feelings for both Cole and Sierra and even towards the end allows Cole to be the dominant. During this book I just wanted to get to Cole and give him a massive hug and say "I Love You" it was killing me to see him so upset and Luke being the typical ostrich that could not see what was right under his nose.

This is by far the best one in the series for me..it had everything and so so so much more...excellent job Nicole now for book 3!!!!

Addicted (Club Destiny 2.5) Reviewed by Donna 4 Stars

This is a short novella giving us a little more of the relationships between Logan and Samantha and Luke, Cole and Sierra.

Logan McCoy is enjoying the new hot and nympho wife Samantha that has been created during their relationship, in fact she craves another threesome..unfortunately for them their third "Luke" has selfishly fallen in love and Sierra has put her put her foot down and said no more..their threesome is exclusive to just Luke, Cole and herself. Logan now has the predicament of finding another third!! Cole puts forward a third....enter Tag Murphy...smoking hot bald, yes bald lawyer!!! He works for the company that employs Logan and Samantha and also Luke at the club so has the trust of both and slowly he is introduced to Samantha and what follows is some seriously hot scenes, Nicole Edwards are her best..M/M/F.

We also get to see a little bit of Luke, Cole and Sierra but this novella predominantly focuses on Logan and Samantha.

Once again a seriously hot read and this series is one of my all time favourites, I really cannot pimp it out enough. Hats off to Nicole Edwards.

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  1. Great review. I got goosebumps just hearing about them again. Just started re reading Conviction. Need to get busy to get thru them all before Zane comes out.