Friday 26 April 2013

Touch Me by Olivia Cunning

Reviewed by Donna 4 Stars

I love these short novellas from Olivia Cunning and this one was no exception. This book focuses on Owen of Sole Regret. Owen meets Caitlyn at a sex club, she is giving off all men are shit vibes and looks wildly out of place. Caitlyn has just separated from her husband and is going through a divorce, he has left her for a younger woman (a teenager) and she is feeling woefully inadequate and insecure. Owen is not for relationships, he just enjoys meaningless sex as a ways to relax and enjoy. He is always safe though!! Owen goes to the club with another member of Sole Regret, Kelly (Kellen), they have been best friends since childhood and have a fab relationship. Kelly is in a woman funk after his girlfriend died and has been abstaining much to Owen’s annoyance. However, they have shared some women before and obviously have shared a bit of themselves too and I would love to see their relationship developed. It did remind me a touch of Brian and Trey, however I do feel that there really is something between them, I can see a threesome coming along here..Owen, Kelly and Caitlyn…hmmmm interesting!!
Owen and Caitlyn with a little help from Kelly in the beginning have a fabulous night at the club, Owen even broke all his rules and took her back to the hotel for the night, took her to friends in the morning to get some clothes and then persuades her to join him on the tour bus and see one of their concerts. Everything is running smoothly until Lindsey from “Share Me”shows up making things look a lot worse than they are and without getting Owen’s side of the story Caitlyn runs!
This story does end on a little cliffie but it wasn’t too bad, I cannot wait to read the next instalment to see where this going. So glad that this is Olivia Cunning at her best as I must admit I did not really like Share Me at all, the gang bang on the bus in the snow, was just bleurgggh and I am upset that one of the characters from this book has reared her ugly head. I can only hope that all the members of Sole Regret are safe from Lindsey and that Tex is the bad boy!! If any of them at all!!

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