Wednesday 29 May 2013

Exposure by Iris Blaire

Reviewed by Donna ~ 3.5 Stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was refreshing to read something so completely different to what we normally receive these days. It was a unique story. The opening line gets you gripped and intrigued…

“Selling sex is like owning an ice cream truck. You make all your clients sticky and satiated, and they'll remember to come back the next day when they're hot and bothered and needing to be quenched.”

Evan or Rylan…depending upon what scenario she finds herself is one cool/nerdy chick…how can that be you ask??? As Evan, she is Miss Prim and Proper…super intelligent, top of her class, quiet, timid, shy, just does everything she can not to be noticed…now as Rylan…that just opens a whole new can of whoop ass…Rylan is her alter ego, she is the girl that poses for a college lads magazine. She is super sexy, confident, snarky, glamorous and all the boys want her, they probably do things over her that I don’t even want to think about lol. Evan does not want anyone to associate her with Rylan and she goes to extreme lengths to ensure that her identity is never revealed, went dressed as Evan she is in her nerdy, geeky disguise.  All this is about to change when Rylan is asked to do a photo shoot with Dallas.

Dallas, hmmmm all I can say is gorgeous, super sexy and best yet for Evan, super fact they share a class…as you can imagine this worries Evan.

The chemistry these two have is off the charts, you can feel it ooze off the page and their photo story throughout the books just drags you through all the emotions and confusion the two go through..unfortunately Dallas has been in a relationship for a long time. However, neither of them can deny what they feel and the pictures tell a thousand tales!!!

This book follows their story from beginning to end, the ups and downs and all in between. There are decisions to be made by both of them, which are not easy. Evan is still worried about her identity, at the end of the day she does not want anyone to know how she pays her way through college.

This book is perfect in length, in does not drag it out and it is not too short…it was a really enjoyable quick read. There is a lot of sexy scenes as you can imagine and they are seriously hot…like fan yourself hot, as I said above the chemistry between the two of them is amazing. I don’t normally condone “cheating” in any shape or form but this is a book and not real life, however I will add my two penneth as I know some will say it is bad…was his girlfriend really a proper girlfriend…she seemed so wrapped up in her own life to even care or notice what was going on with Dallas..and before you all shout at me I know she was working hard because Dallas wasn’t earning much as he was still in college…but what right minded girlfriend would actually enrol their boyfriend for modelling with other women…I wouldn’t hell no!! I know she trusted him blah blah blah but I think that the relationship had more or less run its course before Rylan/Evan even came on the scene. Also they never actually do the deed before, but get pretty darn close.

A fab fun read that I really enjoyed!!

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