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Blog Tour ~ Review & Giveaway ~ Redemption (Darkness Falls 2) By Ivory Quinn

Book Description:
Cause you are my invisible strings
You’re the ties that bind me whole
You’re all that keeps me together
You’re the dark matter of my soul

It’s been six long months since Gabriel left and Noelle’s nightmares are swallowing her whole.

In a last ditch attempt to save her sanity, Jax takes her to Cal Henway, the infamous and enigmatic Master of Kink, to see if he can slay her demons. He, in turn, entrusts her care to Master Blue – Dom, loveable rogue and practical joker.

Blue knows the only way to silence her demons is to sate them, but will his journey through the darkest parts of her desires save her, or break her beyond all repair?

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Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 Stars
**ARC Received for honest review**

Master Blue “You’re changing, Noelle. Gabriel started your metamorphosis, but I’m going to make you a butterfly. Your old life is over. Here and now is where a new life begins”

I must admit I was pretty scared going into reading this, Obsession totally rocked my reading world when I read it and I thought, how on earth is Ivory going to beat it or even match it. I needn’t have worried, even though this book is totally different from Obsession it is an amazing story that has given us a brilliant foundation going into book 3. I really hope book 3 is what I think it is going to be about..I have some wild thoughts running through my head at the moment!!

Redemption tells the story about how Noelle recovers from what happens in Obsession, at the end of Obsession she was broken and at the beginning of Redemption she still is, Jax bless his cotton socks tries all he can to bring Noelle back, but alas it is all in vain..she is just too far gone. He finally manages to get her to open up about her recurrent nightmares and once she explains he thinks that he may know just the person to help put her back together again.

Noelle feels that she is broken and sick, the nightmares that she has are not “right” in her mind and she feels that Gabriel has permanently changed her for the worse, she is upset that she is so reliant on Jax, even though he doesn’t mind at all, she is always mindful of over staying her welcome. She hasn’t been home or to Gabriel’s since it happened and Jax has really become her crutch and it soon dawns on her that she needs to learn to live without it. She needs to find herself again and quickly before it is lost forever.

Jax takes her to see Cal Henway, he is a doctor in his own right but also owns a string of BDSM related businesses. Cal is brilliant, I adored his style, he nurtured the truth out of Noelle, she opened up without realising and he would plant the seed, let her go away and mull it over and then smile when she came back the next day repeating verbatim what he wanted her to realise the previous day..his technique was brilliant. He made her see so much, that she wasn’t broken, she wasn’t weird and she definitely wasn’t evil. Gabriel had unleashed a hidden part of her, something that was supressed and was just itching to come out and now that it was unleashed it was up to her what she did with it. Cal introduces her to Master Blue to “train her” and help her with her therapy…she goes in as Noelle and comes out as “Mistress Red”.

Master Blue….I cannot say how much I loved this man, he is totally adorable, selfless, talk, dark and handsome and totally and utterly loveable. He nurtured Noelle, he gave her back her confidence, her trust and to some extent love. In my minds eye, these two should be together. The final scene they did together was heart wrenchingly beautiful and highly emotional. It made me cry buckets, these two deserve to be together but Ivory is not finished with tormenting us yet.

“One day you’ll meet a guy that you want to give these things to, rather than having them taken. That makes all the difference in the world. The lucky b**tard will be the true first, in every way that counts.”

There are a lot of twists and turns in this book and we are reintroduced to a lot of old favourites. There is always our “Jax”, he is as always totally adorable in this book, he does have a few moments where I could have whacked him one but on the whole he is still our upstanding, hot chocolate and marshmallow giving rocker with a heart. Raze came into his own in this book, that man is totally adorable!! I loved his relationship with Noelle and I can see them becoming firm friends forever, he was totally amazeballs in this book. Sean the barista from the coffee shop, yep him, he turns up again in this one in a variety of places, I am still undecided about him…there are many fish in this pond but I do not want him to be one of them. He may be grounded and “normal” but personally I feel that Noelle needs more.

This is a well written story, about self discovery, emotional in parts but opens the path for an intriguing book 3. Personally, I actually see Noelle as a “switch”, I wonder if it will go down this route, I certainly hope so!! Mistress Red the Dominatrix and Noelle, Master Blue’s sub….perfect!!

“No. It’s definitely life. I choose life, in all it’s technicolour, splendid, f**ked up glory. Living is a verb. Life is a concept. It’s vibrant and cruel and beautiful and mine and I want it so much it hurts. I choose hope, I choose light. I choose love. I choose life.”

Loved this book, and now I really cannot wait for book 3!!
They drove to the outskirts of town to the industrial park, where Blue had a contact that imported custom items in latex and leather. He measured her up quickly enough, but when it came to actually choosing clothes, Noelle felt like she’d landed completely on another planet.

“I have no idea what I’m even looking at.” She held up something very black and shiny.

“They’re latex stockings.” Blue hid a smile. “You’d look really sexy in these, but I don’t know that latex is your thing. You’re need leather.”

“Fine. You pick whatever you think I need and I’ll just run my card past the machine.” She gave up and he sighed.

“You need to try this stuff on.”

“Fine.” She said grouchily. “Pick it and I’ll try it on and then I’ll run my card past the machine.”

“You’re so cute when you’re grumpy.” Grinning, he handed her a couple of coat hangers. “If you don’t start smiling soon, I’m going to start licking you. Fair warning.”

“What is it with you and licking??” She narrowed her eyes. “I’m wearing perfume. I’ll taste horrible.”

“I’m sure I can find somewhere to lick that doesn’t have perfume on it.” He glanced up from the rack of clothes he was perusing. “You can’t seriously tell me you sprayed perfume on that sweet pussy of yours?”

“Blue!” Scandalised, her cheeks flushed scarlet. “You’re not coming anywhere near it in public.”

“Then you’d better start smiling, Little One, because if you don’t I’m going to have my face in it, whether we’re in public or not.”

“You wouldn’t!” Her jaw actually dropped as he gave a casual shrug.

“Sure I would.” He grinned. “You want to try me?”

“You can’t just order me to smile!” She glared at him, backing away.

“I repeat, do you want to try me?” He stalked towards her and she fled in the direction of the changing rooms. As if that was going to stop him. Shaking his head, Blue gave the proprietor a questioning look and the man shrugged.

“Just don’t make a mess.”

Blue’s smile was so wide he looked like the Cheshire Cat. “Trust me, I don’t need to make a mess to make a woman smile.”

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About the Author:
Ivory Quinn is an author of indeterminate youth, living in a land where the sun rarely shines but the mist makes everything magical. She likes men and books, but doesn't think either makes a great sandwich filling. Unmarried and living with other creative types, she has a healthy relationship with her bed. She wishes that writing was her day job, but sadly has a large percentage of non-writing time, made bearable only by classic rock and lots of caffeinated things. Her favourite things are fan mail, cake and men in kilts. She does not see these things as mutually exclusive.

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