Tuesday 6 August 2013

Review: Wicked Beat (Sinners 4) by Olivia Cunning @oliviacunning

Reviewed by Willow & Dawn

**ARCs received for honest reviews**

What Willow says: 4 Stars

I am a massive fan of Olivia Cunning's Sinners series. Over the last 4 books we have gotten to know the characters well and so diving back into the sinners world felt like meeting up with old friends.

Now I have to say for those of you that don't know, although this is the last Sinners book to be published, it is actually book 4. Double Time, which is Trey's story is the final book, book 5, but it was published before Wicked Beat. I understand that this was the publisher's decision and not Olivia's due to demand for Trey's book. Now I cannot stress this enough - if you haven't read the series yet or are only half way through, please read them in the order they were meant to be. Because I read Double Time when it came out, I read about events that happened after Wicked Beat. This meant that when reading Wicked Beat I already knew things that where yet to be revealed to me. I wont say that it ruined my enjoyment, because I love these books, but I do wish I had read them in the proper order to get the full effect of Wicked Beat. Here is the correct order:

Book 1 Backstage Pass ~ Brian's Story

Book 2 Rock Hard ~ Sed's Story

Book 3 Hot Ticket - Jace's Story

Book 4 Wicked Beat ~ Eric's Story

Book 5 Double Time ~ Trey's Story

I have to say that going into Wicked Beat Eric was my least favourite Sinner. But on reflection I think that this is because we didn't see as much of him in the previous books as the other guys. My view of him has totally changed after reading this book, he is actually a really nice guy that just really needed some one to believe in him. He has had a tough life and you see how this has effected him.

Enter Rebekah. Following the tour bus crash Dave, the sound technician, is still recovering. The Sinners need a new sound Tech and Dave knows just the person - His Sister. Things are not going to be easy for Rebekah though, being a female, will she be accepted by the band and the crew? Especially as one crew member thought that he was going to get the sound tech job.

The moment Eric lays eyes on Rebekah he instantly feels he's got to have her, so when the band ask him his thoughts on Rebekah joining the crew, he says yes. His happiness is short lived though when, like most girls she seems to only have eyes for Trey.

As Eric and Rebekah get to know each other Rebekah starts to see Eric in a different light. Rebekah has a secret though and when Eric finds out will he still want her? Eric has always doubted his worth, and so when challenges are thrown there way Eric is left questioning what Rebekah sees in him and what he has to offer. Can they heal each other?

I actually loved Rebekah's character, although I did find her odd at times and I loved how she was totally lusting after Trey in the beginning, but once she got to know Eric starting taking notice of him more. I challenge anyone to read this book and not fall in love with Eric Sticks. Like Jace (my favourite Sinner) he is so much more than you see on the outside.

A Sinners book wouldn't be a Sinners book without super hot sex scenes and there are plenty of these as the characters get to work through their issues. 

As always you also see snippets of the other Sinners lives which is always great. I am really sad that this is the last Sinner book, I will miss these characters alot, but they will be filed on my kindle under "super hot pick me ups" for when I need to get out of a book slump!

I highly recommend the whole series!   

What Dawn says: 4.5 Stars 

I have loved all the Sinners books and was really looking forward to meeting Eric Stick as I found him a little odd in the other books.
He was involved in a few of the hot scenes in the other books but I felt he had a story to tell a reason he was always involved in the bedroom with the other guys but never really had his own girl. He always seemed lonely and a little sad.

When I first started reading this and there was a lot of Trey I was worried this wasn't going to be entirely Eric's story, but it was.
Rebekah is the replacement sound technician who will be touring with the guys and Eric takes to her straight away but she's all about Trey and doesn't telly see Eric for what he is. So I wasn't too sure if she was gonna be the right girl for him but then there's a scene with all three of them and she declines to have both of them. Her and Eric make a mutual agreement to have a relationship of sorts and when offered to have them both again she chooses Eric over Trey and that's when I began to really like her.
Eric needs a bit of love, affection, TLC and a help with his control issues. Every fantasy they have had, they cover it—naughty nurse, misbehaving French maid, cowboy, naughty school boy...the list goes on. While they're "at it", they heal a lot of old wounds they both have.

During all this they have some current issues to be dealing with too. One being Rebekah's mum and the other her ex!
Her mum is a whole bag of crazy and hates Eric, she thinks he's no good for and is horrible to him at times. She also thinks the sun shine Isaac's, me I didn't like him and I thought Rebekah showed him too much attention and he made Eric feel like nothing.

In this book Eric becomes so much more than the guy in the background. His character truly develops and what a great character he is. Rebekah really annoyed me in places and I wanted to shake her but in the end she proves her self to be worthy of Eric. This is the main reason I'm dropping half a star and only giving it 4.5. As always a great book from Olivia. I'm off to read Double Time now.

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