Saturday 10 August 2013

The Mistress (The Original Sinners 4) by Tiffany Reisz @tiffanyreisz

Reviewed by Donna ~ 5 Stars

**ARC received for honest review**

There are not enough superlatives that I could communicate to say how much I loved this book and also how much I have loved this whole series…the characters are like friends now, I only want to see them happy and this book, takes you through it..leaves you happy at the end but there are still so many things I want to know, I am not ready for this to be the end, I want to see what happens to Nora, Soren, Kingsley, Zach, Grace, Wes and Laila going forward. I think we should just petition Tiffany to keep writing. I know we are getting the series of prequels, but these are the past, I desperately want to continue with their future!!

This book begins where The Prince finished, Nora has been kidnapped and is being held captive.

"I gave them my death as a gift...and now I'm taking my gift back."

This is one hell of a ride, Soren and Kingsley are at the forefront of the mission to rescue Nora. All hands are on deck and all our favourite characters are there to help save the day. Soren’s niece Laila is dragged into the kidnapping of Nora so this also adds another pawn in the spectacular chess game that Tiffany plays during the course of this book. Each character has their own designated chess piece and slowly as the story unfolds the game of chess begins, which queen will be sacrificed?

Kingsley does his best to protect Soren from doing anything foolish, even if it means handcuffing and drugging him, Kingsley being (the king) feels that this is his game to win no matter what the odds and no matter what the outcome.

Nora, I am going to put her in as (the white queen), her conversations with her captor are hilarious, despite the situation that she finds herself in she never loses her strength, her humour or her ballsy attitude. The stories that her captor makes her retell are fantastic, we get a further insight into hers, Soren, Kingsley’s and even Wes’s lives. She never gives up, always trying to find a way of escaping, but when it comes down to the battle royale will she be the queen that protects her king? Will sacrifices have to be made?

Wesley (the knight) he has a light bulb moment in this book and I am so happy for him. He is there trying to get Nora back with Soren and Kingsley but he is well out of his depth, he may have the financial resources but when money doesn’t matter he finally feels out of his depth, he has to sit back and watch Kingsley take over the show.

Grace (the rook) I was totally surprised when she showed up in this book, being Zach’s wife she has made a small amount of appearances in this series, but boy does she have a part to play in this book. She amazed me in this one, and I am so glad that she got the ending she did, even if it was an OMG you cannot be serious moment.

Laila (the pawn) – Soren’s niece, another female that he would protect to the death and his captor uses this. Nora sacrifices herself for Laila so it is up to her to deliver the message of what the captor wants in order to save Nora. She is a massive emotional help to poor little Wesley and they lean on each other whilst battling through this crisis.

The Captor (not saying the name you will have to read it) I am putting her in as (the black queen, one sick and twisted individual, they have their reasons for this attack but totally unjustified. Whilst their reasoning makes sense, it doesn’t to anyone else. Now Kingsley has two queens to contend with..this makes for a very interesting game of chess!

I would love to go on and on but I can’t because I would give the story away and it is just so good you have to read it for yourselves. I feel that this is the best one yet and I cannot get over how much I have loved this series. I am so glad I stumbled across Tiffany Reisz through goodreads from another person’s review.

Amazing job Tiffany, well done and please please please write another, keep this brilliant series going forward, we could never get enough…and the ending…totally unexpected!!! I really need to hear the other side of that conversation and the continuation of it. Truly a “gift from god” as is this book!

Go forth and 1click!!

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