Wednesday 4 September 2013

Review ~ Sometimes It Lasts (Sea Breeze 5) by Abbi Glines

Reviewed by Willow & Donna

Willow ~ 3 Stars
Donna ~ 3.5 Stars

Willow: I loved while it Lasts, Eva and Cage's story was my favourite Sea Breeze book, so I was really looking forward to reading their second book, Sometimes it Lasts, unfortunately I was very disappointed.The beginning had my blood pumping a bit, and I wanted to know what had happened to them to be in that situation, but it quickly went down hill from there. Donna what did you think?

Donna: I thought exactly the same, whilst the prologue got you thinking I was trying to process it at the same time. Cage was devoted to Eva as was Eva to Cage and I just couldn't see them getting into that situation especially with what she was wearing on her finger!!

Willow: We then jump back to the past so we can see the events leading up to the prologue, it started ok, and I was happy to see life moving on for these two, but that didn't last long, pretty quickly their life changed course because Eva's dad became sick. From then on I felt Cage and Eva were acting differently, out of character.

Donna: I thought so too, whilst Abbi tries to justify their actions it just didn't sit well with me, it was not something I saw either of them doing. Also, I could see this plot coming a mile away, very early on in the book I had more or less the whole book plotted before it happened. It sort of took away my enjoyment of the book.

Willow: Completely agree, like you say Abbi did try to justify their actions, but I still don't believe they'd do that. You did make me laugh when you messaged me after only being a short way into the book asking if you had the plot right, because you were spot on. My biggest issue is that no matter his past, Cage would have fought, he wouldn't have backed off. I hate to say it because I've loved Abbi's other sea breeze books, but this one was lacking for me.

Donna: I agree, I felt that it was rushed and there were a few errors, this is not normally what I would expect from Abbi. Normally they don't bother me at all but it was just unusual for this author. As you say Cage would never have given up, he would have fought tooth and nail for her and he certainly would have at least tried to explain himself and knowing Eva she would have let him.

Willow: This book didn't excite me at all, I just didn't get how differently the characters seemed. 3 stars from me.

Donna: I will go with 3.5, I did enjoy it as I always do with Abbi Glines but I didn't love it and was a tad disappointed.

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