Friday 18 October 2013

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Kindred (Kindred Book 1) by Nicola Claire

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 Stars

I have just finished a really great book, a definite 5 star, well written a blinder in my eyes.

It is a vampire romance with a twist. You have a Vampire Hunter by the name of Lucinda or Luce to her friends, she is 24 years old and a 500 year old vampire called Michel (the Nosferatu) and this book is set in New Zealand.

Michel is the Master Vampire of Auckland City and a nice guy as far as vampires go, he owns the nigh club Sensations. Michel, originally from France, is one very gorgeous specimen of manhood. He is 6ft 2”, lean muscled, with shoulder length dark hair and eyes of a vivid blue which can turn to deep amethyst when aroused, wow, and in Luce’s mind…

“Oh – my – God handsome”

Then, we have Lucinda 5ft 4” tall, so so pretty with shoulder length mousy brown hair, trim, athletic thanks to all her workouts at the gym and the extra training she gets with her friend Rick, a shape shifter called a Taniwha, with her smart mouth, taste of dark clothing (to hide in the shadows), she has made a reputation for herself for being a very good hunter.

Now these two have a unusual relationship helped by Lucinda thinking Michel as one of the good guys as he doesn’t tolerate vampires feeding off helpless humans.

During the day Lucinda works as a Business Banker in the city Bank of New Zealand and this was where she first met Michel. He was so compelling, it was a though he was telling her she was special by telepathy. Special to him.

As I said earlier an unusual relationship, Michel is able to come to Lucinda in her dreams and to be honest she enjoys these dreams as much as he seems to and in these dreams he always calls her..

“Ma douce” (my sweet)

It all starts with Michel warning Lucinda that her life is in danger. Vampires were coming to the city to hunt Lucinda. He had heard through the Iunctio, the vampire telepathy and this turns out to be oh so true.

It starts out with a very badass vampire called Max, and it only gets worse. Max wants to be joined to Lucinda and through this she learns that not only is she Nosferatin, but that she also has to be joined to a vampire Master or die shortly after her 25th birthday. So that is how Lucinda and Michel are joined (better the devil you know, yea) but it also make them stronger, only downfall if one of them die, they both die.

With all the unrest around them they see this could only be for the good and it also draws them even closer. It starts gently with Michel whispering against Lucinda’s neck…

“Ma Belle petite Lumiere, la raison de mon existence”

To a night when…

“I was writhing uncontrollably under him gripping the sheets at my side all but going crazy under his touch. Finally I could stand it no longer. “Michel, please.” I begged. I don’t know exactly what I was begging for. To stop? To finish this? For release? He laughed, a warm throaty laugh, kissing me roughly on the lips. He sped his movements into me with him on a wave of pure bliss and her hot need, higher and higher and crashed down to earth in a most delicious rainbow of colours.”

And it gets better and better.

Along the way the very dishy Egyptian Nero, another Nosferatin, helps with the fight.

I really loved this book, especially the sexy erotic lovemaking!! Ms Claire you have done yourself proud, I cannot wait to read the rest of this series.

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