Monday 21 October 2013

Review ~ Moore to Lose (Needing Moore 2) by Julie A Richman

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 Stars

“The one thing that she would give up everything for was not a fantasy and she knew that. She had tasted it. She had savoured it. She had consumed it. She had been consumed by it. And now, even if she had a treasure map leading her to it, she would still be at a loss as to how to find it. Or what she would do with it, if she did find it.”

Moore to Lose is the sequel to Searching For Moore. I loved this book but I was also extremely frustrated at times, not because the story was poor or it didn’t go the way I wanted, but there was a distinct lack of Schooner in this book and I wanted more Schooner Moore.

This book explores Mia’s back story, what happened in those years that she was apart from Schooner. She has certainly led an entertaining life that’s for sure. Her strong character is prevalent throughout the book but we also see her moments of weakness and some of these are far from pretty. There was one part of this book that absolutely killed me and I didn’t see it coming a mile off, but it hits you like a freight train and I cried my eyes out, big fat ugly tears!!

Mia had a few serious relationships in her life after Schooner. I will start with Tom, he was 10 years her senior and a teacher. He was an Irish charmer that had all the girls in his classes vying for his attention. He was a poet, had written screen plays and was seriously good looking but he knew it. Tom and Mia eventually get together but I must admit I did have a big problem with his nick name for her “jailbait” it just sounds all kinds of wrong. Whilst the beginning of their relationship made me cringe you do get a feel for their dynamic after a while, however, I never warmed to him at all, there was something there I didn’t like and in the end my gut feeling was justified.

“Did you ever really love me, Schooner? Why the elaborate ruse? Flying high, a flirtation with the sun. She was Icarus. He was the sun. And that brief flirtation melted her wings. Who was she kidding? Her wings were the least of the damage. He had her heart. And she didn’t know of she’d ever get it back.”

Michael, Michael, Michael, I loved Michael, he was perfect, totally and utterly perfect. It is rare that I love two male leads in a book but I did love him, he was kind, considerate, gorgeous, just the epitome of a perfect gentleman. Although we got Mia’s insecurities a bit during their relationship I couldn’t see how this relationship would end. Of course we know it does as she is single when she meets up with Schooner again later on.

“…you got that, Buster!”…”Yeah, I got it. I love you Mia, I love you so much…” “Good, because you’ve got me as long as you will have me…” “Sounds great, lets get married…”

This book also covers everything else in between, times in Mia’s life that she genuinely wants to forget. There are one night stands and drug usage, times that she is totally embarrassed about but she manages to pull herself out with the aide of some amazing friends. Her friendship circle is amazing and they really were there for her throughout, she made a new family. However, Schooner was always there, gnawing away.

Finally we get Schooner, Schooners POV when he eventually finds and meets with Mia and also what happens after, especially with CJ and his children. I did find this bit interesting and it did add to the story. I still hate CJ with a passion, which is actually hard to do, I very rarely hate a character despite how “bad a person” they are, but I actually couldn’t stand her.

“And now Karma. Today the universe finally rights itself. Karma is truly going to be a bitch.”

Then eventually we get Mia and Schooner’s story going forward. Towards the end of this book me and Schooner needed to have words. Some of his actions were totally and utterly WTF moments. We all know the course of true love never runs smooth and Schooner’s family make sure they try and interfere at every available opportunity. However, I was seriously pissed at the end.

I need Book 3 now!! I need to know what happens…my brain was mush by the time this book finished and I could have personally killed Julie A Richman. I should stop reading these trilogies until they are all out, but I am a sucker for them. At least they keep you on your toes and you have another instalment to look forward to.

Another thing I love about this series is that the couple are in their 40’s. It is refreshing to read a story about my own age group. Even though this series spans their life from their teens to their 40’s you feel as if you have live their life with them and it gives you a greater understanding of the characters and to a certain degree why they act the way they do, Also, you are getting both sides of the story so you have the full picture.

This book is beautifully written, a real page turner and once again I couldn’t put it down. Seriously cannot wait for the next one. I need more Schooner and Mia in my life!! Fab series!!

“Well, it’s true. I can’t think of anything but you.”
He was smiling ear-to-ear. “It’s smoochal, Baby Girl. It’s smoochal.”

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