Friday 8 November 2013

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Taming The Vampire (Blood and Absinthe) by Cloe Hart

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 Stars

This is the first book of a series, it was totally riveting with great sexual scenes. I had to read it in one go and I could not put it down.

It has two main characters, firstly, Liz Marlowe who is part elf from the Green Fae Clan who are demon hunting warriors. Liz is a petite girl with long black hair and green eyes but she is a really great dedicated warrior, even to the extent of taking the Fae absinthe to make herself stronger.

Our second main character is Jack Morgan, a tall handsome vampire, powerfully built with black hair and icy blue eyes, he helps the Fae to battle against the supernatural evil in their city of Boston.

Theirs is not an easy going camaraderie, in fact hatred on Liz’s part against Jack, but attraction as well, not easy!!

A big evil comes to Boston and these two have to put differences aside to combat and destroy it in the most unusual way, but it is an oh so sexy way! Having to come together to fight this evil it doesn’t start too well, but…

“Christ she was beautiful. He knew then he’d wanted Liz Marlowe from the moment he’d laid eyes on her. He’d been lying to himself for the last year and a half.”

And then it starts to go wrong with Liz saying she hates him, but as he is about to leave she apologises to him, he agrees, but on his terms. Jack grabs her and whispers to her…

“I want you.” “I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you.”

He kisses his way up her throat, to her ear and then he whispers to her again…

“I can make you feel good Liz. Better than anyone’s ever made you feel.”

 And she was putty in his hands.

"Yes…anything…God, Jack, anything you want…”

And then the story really gets interesting, phew!

Ms Hart, a really great story, I loooove Jack Morgan, he is just my type. WOW. I will definitely be reading all of this series in the very near future. I just couldn’t stop reading it.

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