Wednesday 20 November 2013

Review ~ Bullet To The Heart (No Mercy 1) by Lea Griffith

Reviewed by Donna ~ 5 Stars

“Your pain breaks my heart, and that’s frightening. I didn’t think I had one anymore.”

I absolutely fell in love with this book, it is like nothing that I have ever read. It is unique, captivating, dark, emotional, addictive, powerful, thought provoking and unputdownable (if that is even a word!).

Bullet is the scariest kick ass heroine that I have ever come across, this girl has strength, balls and guts that even some men would love to have. She is a trained assassin and the best in the business. Trained since she was a child, her skill set is off the charts, she is one scary mother and she never misses!

“I was formed long ago out of bone, blood, death, and the tears of a small child. Nothing you do can break me.”

Bullet had a very very sad back story and it comes through slowly but surely in this book as she begins to open up. No child should ever have to go through what she has been through, but her life experiences have made her into this no nonsense woman that she is today. Under the wing of Joseph Bombardier and The Collective, she is tortured and trained into this ruthless assassin. She comes across as devoid of emotion but you do get to see her soft and vulnerable side in flickers and it is these little flickers that break your heart. She has been trained to be a cold blooded killer and she is exactly that, she goes and gets the job done, covertly, undetected, quick, just in and out. That all changed the day she was presented with her next job, she had already turned it down once but now there was no option, she had to do it and now the real games begin.

“I have the means to enact my vengeance alone, so you can either jump on board the train, or watch it leave the station. Either way, my past is none of your concern.”

Rand Beckett was a man on a mission, he is one broken soul after his family were cruelly taken from him and he has made it his lifes ambition to bring down the corporation that stole his family from him. He set up Trident with his brother in law as a means to an end of bringing The Collective to its knees and extinguishing it for good. Unbeknown to him The Collective were already plotting to bring him down too and he had already escaped Bullets clutches once through her one time allowed free pass, but now their paths were set to cross again and Bullet NEVER misses.

“If you would make this a war between us, I think you should know that when the smoke clears, I will be left standing, and that piece that you say isn’t yours to give will be in my hands.”

I really don’t want to go into the story as it has to be read to be believed and you have to digest it slowly. The pages will eat you up, the kids will feed themselves, the washing will stay where it is and don’t even bother with the ironing, it will all be there tomorrow! Seriously, seriously that good. Full of suspense, edge of your seat, action packed but perfectly balanced with some truly emotional scenes that will get you crying. Gut wrenching in places, does have some very dark scenes through various training methods that leave a lot to be desired, but it all pulls you in to the story and the torture that these young children went through at the hands of Joseph Bombardier.

The relationship between Rand and Bullet is as hot as it is cold in the beginning. You feel their connection, yet both are battling with their conscience and their common sense. Rand should hate her yet he has all these conflicting emotions that tell him otherwise, he has a constant battle warring in his head, heart or head, heart or head and Lea Griffith’s conveys this brilliantly.

This book is part of a series and I cannot wait for the next one. A definite download or pre-order for me. Totally captivated with this story and cannot wait to see where Lea is going to take it next. Arrow to the Soul is scheduled for release in February 2014, so mark your calendars, it is going to be one book you are going to want to buy.

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