Tuesday 5 November 2013

Review ~ Seductive Secrecy (shadows 2) by Marni Mann

Reviewed by Donna ~ 5 Stars

“Where There Is Love There Is No Darkness”

And I thought Seductive Shadows was good…well Seductive Secrecy is soooo much more! I cannot say how well written this book is, I was hanging on every word, I felt every word, I lived and breathed every word, full of emotion, full of angst, I could not put this book down. Although this book is powerful and emotive it is beautifully written and you cannot help but be sucked into the emotional vortex hidden inside this book cover.

This book picks up where Seductive Shadows finished and Charlie is living the after effects of taking down “The Mansion” and those at the hands of the suffering of many girls just like her that had not been so lucky to escape. She pours herself into her art and this becomes an outlet for her inner turmoil. Her art is beginning to take off and she can actually begin to make a living out of it. Forever supported by her mentor and our own equally broken exceptional artist Cameron, Charlie spends her time creating dark and erotic master pieces that take the art world by storm.

Charlie and Cameron have moved in together and now begin the journey of finding themselves and cementing together the relationship that they have forged. This road is fraught with obstacles not only from the aftermath of the mansion but also jealousy. Both of them are suffering with insecurities and need to deal with them before they become a poison in the relationship. Will either or both of them realise this in time? In this book we are introduced to Cameron’s brother Ryder. Ryder is everything that Cameron isn’t but they are best friends and Cameron loves him unconditionally. This love though maybe put to the test when Ryder’s secrets are brought out into the open. Will these secrets also have any bearing on Cameron’s relationship with Charlie?

“All that mattered was that I wouldn’t give up on him. I didn’t want him to be the reason I cried, or a source of my pain. But the fact that I’d shed tears over this man told me everything I needed to know – and finally, I knew it. I loved him.”

We also continue the story of Charlie reconnecting with her father. They cannot be together for fear of reprisals from the take down of “The Mansion” so they are forced apart before they can really build a relationship. However, they do find means of communicating, but can their relationship stand the test of time before “The Mansion” comes back to haunt them and destroy it?

“Maybe I should stare at the sky more often. Maybe I should enjoy the night air instead of shielding myself from it. Rather than letting the never-ending blackness overwhelm me, maybe I should appreciate it for what it is: a background for the brilliance of stars. After all, without darkness, there can’t be light.”

I would love to go on about this book, but the storyline is so intricate that any small disclosures will ruin it for the reader so I have to keep this reluctantly brief. I highlighted so many lines and paragraphs from this book, but again too much will spoil it. So I will leave you to read it for yourself. As this is a sequel you must have read Seductive Shadows first.

I totally adore Marni Mann’s writing, she has that flair for totally captivating you with her words so that you can’t let go until you have read the last word. You may be an emotional wreck at the end of it, but you know that you have read something truly brilliant. It is one of those books that will leave you reeling, emotionally spent, with quick a few what the hell moments thrown in for good measure. You will find yourself reflecting back for days after, I know I did.

Once again, an amazing book Marni Mann, definitely an auto-buy author for me now. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next. Maybe Ryder should get a book, I feel that is one man that has an interesting story to tell and I for one wouldn’t mind reading about it.

“Because I don’t know what my life would be like without you. And I don’t want to find out.”

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