Saturday 30 November 2013

Review ~ Worth The Fight (Accidental​ly ON Purpose 3) By L.D Davis

Reviewed by Donna ~ 5 Stars

“We saved each other. We fought for each other and our lives together. We are worth the fight.”

This is the third and final book of the Accidentally on Purpose series and you must have read the others before reading Worth The Fight.

I have absolutely loved this series, when I saw that we were getting Luke’s POV I was super excited but then I was also super nervous. I was worried that it would be drawn out and it would be just a re-hash of book 1, but we got so much more in Worth The Fight, I also have to say that this is my favourite one of the series. Luke Kessler, who would have thought it!! Sexy, handsome, gorgeous, amazing father, attentive lover (eventually), alpha when needed, very well endowed, passionate, protective, provider but most of all extremely understanding! He was nigh on perfect!

We know what happened with Emmy and Luke and what they went through to be together. I must admit I was surprised in Accidentally on Purpose when Luke took her back, I thought to myself at the time, that he must have really loved her to forgive and forget…well, maybe not forget, but definitely forgive.

In Worth The Fight we get to see what actually happened when Emmy went back to Luke and let me tell you it was not pretty. It was at this point I could have actually throttled Luke, whilst I could understand his hurt and indifference to “the mother of his child” it was his idea for her to move in so that they could raise Lucas together, so I felt that he should have at least been civil, but alas no, he treated Emmy with disdain, basically ignoring her existence. For all intents and purposes though she was acting as his wife, his house was cleaned, his laundry and ironing were done, he had hot meals waiting for him when he got home, all Emmy got was disrespect and the cold shoulder and she always retreated into her room, alone and with his treatment she retreated further and further into her shell and her depression.

“…She. Didn’t. Fight. Back.”

I did actually feel sorry for Emmy at this point, something I never ever thought would happen. Luke does come to his senses though, thanks to his sister and we are treated to reading about them rediscovering love together all over again. I love second chance romances and this one did not disappoint. The little things he did just to bring the “old Emmy” back were beautiful. Once he finally came to the conclusion that he did actually love her and want her back, he goes all out to win her and he is good at wooing!!

You felt the chemistry between them when they were “on,” they were seriously hot together. Even when they were “off” you felt the crackle of sexual tension in the air, interspersed with the hate and loathing, they really had that strong connection.

“…you don’t have my heart because you are my heart, and you are my lungs. Without you I am dark and hollow inside. Without you I can’t breathe. Without you I don’t have a reason to breathe. You light up the darkness, Em, and you fill in the hollowness…”

I ran a gamut of emotions throughout this story and I was wrecked and happy by the end. For an author to make you love and hate characters in the same book is no mean feat and the emotions that I felt reading this book were intense. I felt Luke’s pain and apprehension every time Emmy went and met with Kyle, I also couldn’t believe the other side to the Iris situation. It is amazing how you get such a different perspective reading the same story through another characters eyes and this has made me want to read book 1 again.

“…I knew that Kyle was Emmy’s Achilles Heel. She was drawn to him in the way in which an addict is drawn to their dangerous, life threatening drug of choice. She would think she could have just one taste, but before she knew it she’d be completely lost to him and no one else or anything else would much matter. I knew this from my heart, and honestly, I understood it. Because Emmy…Emmy was my drug.”

Amazing job LD Davis, truly brilliant and I cannot wait to see what this author delivers next.

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