Friday 10 January 2014

Friday Frights ~ PNR review ~ In Too Deep (Others of Edenton 1) by Brandy L Rivers

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 Stars

This is one very erotic story about a very sexy druid lady called Fallon and a very hunky werewolf called Brody and what a first meeting they had. It quite
literally went off with a bang.

Fallon is running from a disastrous relationship that she had with her ex werecat boyfriend Isaac. After her fateful meeting with Brody she lands up in a town called Edenton where her best friend, a werewolf called Jess also lives. After much persuading from Jess, Fallon decides to stay. With Jess finding Fallon somewhere to live and a job in the local tattoo parlour as Fallon is a very talented tattooist, much to Brody's delight. It seems Edenton have been having vampire problems specifically in the Dales, so on learning that Fallon can do enchanted tattoos the Alpha of the local werewolf pack has asked her to put them on all his wolves to safeguard them from future attacks from the Dales, which meant Brody having one too which brought up their attraction to each other to the fore.

"The way she held her full bottom lip in her teeth and how her eyes narrowed in on her work was really fucking sexy. The way her hand framed the piece

drove him crazy, as her breath danced across his skin. Wow!"

These two just couldn't help themselves even with a wannabe girlfriend of Brodys trying to put spanners in the works. Brody invited back to his and that's when things started hotting up.

"His lips were moist and parted, and desire burned in his smoky blue eyes . A rush of warmth coursed through her as he pulled one leg over his shoulder then spread her open with his thumbs.

" This okay?" he whispered, devouring her with his gaze. "

and then a phone call came through for Brody giving Fallon the wrong idea so she leaves but Brody was quick on her heels and was determined that Fallon should hear him out and he did, phew!

"His hands caressed down her body to push her pants down. His thumb grazed over the top of her sex, as he took her mouth in a hard kiss."

and things can only get better they hope until a certain ancient vampire called Malachi turns up in Edenton and causes all sorts of mayhem and between the mayhem and the
oh so erotic lovemaking these two gets involved in this makes for a really good page turner one you wont want to put down.

Ms Rivers I found this book a really good read and one I did in one sitting . I will definitely have to read more of the Others of Edenton.

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