Friday 31 January 2014

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Tall Dark Handsome Lycan (Book 1) by Anastasia Maltezos

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 Stars

This is a great romantic and sexy book about a girl whose name is Sam Hope, she is a tarot reader and psychic who owns a shop called the Crystal Ball and a very handsome but rather intimidating man called Leonidis Stefanos who has a very deep secret.

Needless to say these two didn't get off to a very good start due to a very heated telephone conversation concerning his sister Toni marrying Sam's brother John. Toni works with Sam in her shop.

After a freak electrical fire in the shop, Toni persuades Sam to take a two week holiday in the family’s summer home in Greece while repairs are being done to the shop telling Sam that she would have the house to herself and to go and relax and enjoy a break…and that's where this story begins oh yeah!

The first shock Sam has was seeing her nemesis Leo waiting to pick her up from the airport and learning that he would be staying in the house with her during her stay. Her first reaction was to turn back home but on seeing that the house was all she could hope for if she decides to stay and as long as she stayed out of Leo's way maybe it won't be a total disaster.

It was made better after meeting the housekeeper, Maria who was happy for Toni's happiness not like her brothers disapproval even if he was a very hunky man and Sam couldn't help being attracted to him.

After an emergency concerning Maria's daughter, things took a different turn for these two with Leo seeing Sam in a totally different light, so much so that when they he saw Sam waking him up in a semi-undressed state

“His eyes narrowed as he continued his thorough appraisal of her body draped in silk. Sam couldn't move as she watched his face darken with desire. An amber flame flickered behind his eyes as his gaze slipped to her breasts. She heard a barely discernable sound emanate from his throat. A small yet perceptible groan followed by a low, deep growl.”

The attraction between them was growing but Leo had a girlfriend in the background and this made Sam cautious, but Leo was thinking that, just maybe Sam could be his one.

Sam started to enjoy her holiday, but was dreading the upcoming dinners with Leo's parents and his girlfriend, one very nasty woman she turned out to be. Yikes!

The more Sam got to know Leo the more mystified she was, he was turning into a much warmer person not the arrogant man she first met who seemed to dislike her, so even to her amazement he actually told her.

"As it happens I find you very attractive and I have wanted to kiss you since we first met".

and after a while he realized and admitted to himself that he loved her, and finally broke her barriers down.

“With a long, deep growl, Leo plunged forward and Sam cried out in sheer pleasure at the heat coursing through her veins. Wave after wave of ecstasy shook her body, making her convulse with delicious shivers as Leo threw back his head and roared his release, spilling his seed into her womb.”

But then he had to send her away from him with Sam feeling humiliated that he had done so, but nothing could prepare her for what he had to tell her. Oh yeah!

I really enjoyed this book and read it in one sitting. Since, I have read book 2 in this series and will definitely be buying 3 & 4 real soon.

Ms Maltezos please keep them coming.

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