Sunday 12 January 2014

Review ~ Sempre Redemption (Forever 2) by JM Darhower

Reviewed by Donna ~ 5 Stars

“Everyone falls sometimes, son, even me, but the trick is to get right back up. They’ll always target the ones who appear vulnerable, so you need to be strong. Fake it until you make it.”

I really don’t know what to say about this one, to say I was engrossed is an understatement. My kindle was glued to my hand, I neither bathed, ate or went to the loo until I had devoured this baby. I could not put it down, seriously, I had to call in my reading buddy for a shoulder to cry on when I got too emotional and I cried…A LOT!! I know I am blubberer, everyone who knows me, knows this, but this book ripped out my heart, stamped on it, shredded it into tiny pieces and threw them around for good measure. JM Darhower sure knows how to tug on your heart strings and pull out them tears. I was a mess, red puffy eyes, runny nose, hiccups…yes I was emotionally destroyed and my husband just laughed! But, it was such a bloody good book, you know you have read a good one when it pulls out that kind of reaction and all this from reading about the Mafioso, who would have thought?? This series is one of my favourite reads of 2013 and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

“La mia bella regazza” - my beautiful girl

Carmine and Haven’s love story continues in this book, however as expected with the types of lives they lead, the course of true love never runs smooth. We knew that Carmine had made the ultimate sacrifice in Sempre and now he must fulfil his commitment. Carmine has to make some tough choices right at the very start of this instalment and whilst it made sense and I could understand, I didn’t like it one bit, I cried a lot. But this gave us an incredible journey and story for both Carmine and Haven. Both characters grew and evolved tremendously in this instalment. Carmine matured a lot and Haven, she discovered herself and life. This book really was a voyage of discovery for them both and a real eye opener.

“He was Carmine Marcello DeMarco…and even broken, he was beautiful.”

JM Darhower takes you on a dark and gritty journey throughout this book. I could have thrown my kindle many a time, if I could have throttled her I would have, my emotions were destroyed and my heart went with it. The author is extremely brave in this instalment and she took the book to a place that you could never have predicted, but that is the beauty of this story, you never knew what was going to happen, you never knew what was around the corner and JM Darhower is certainly unpredictable.

The style of writing is extremely engaging and captivating, at times I forgot I was reading and felt as if I was right there, there was one particular scene where the hairs on the back of my neck and arms were standing on end, I was scared, I was frightened and it was as if I was watching a movie in slow motion. I could visually picture the scene, I could hear everything and I felt EVERYTHING. I cannot express enough how this author pulls you in. Total and utter absorption into this story.

Vincent and Corrado really made this story too, I have always had a major soft spot for Vincent, but Corrado really comes through in this book. I always felt he was a bit high and mighty and aloof before, but we see a different side to him in Sempre Redemption and I totally adore him now. He goes above and beyond in this story and while I don’t agree with some of the decisions he made, I can see why and I understand but it doesn’t make them any more palatable.

“Out of curiosity would you be willing to take a lie detector test?
“I’m afraid not,” he said. “It goes against my religion.”
“Only God can judge me. I certainly do not trust a machine to do it.”
“You only have to worry if you’re untruthful. Do you plan to lie?”
“No, I prefer to sit, thank you.” - Corrado and Agent Cerone

I would love to rant and rave but this book cannot be detailed as it would spoil the story too much. All I can say is it is a must read, put aside a good amount of time because once you start this series or even this book you will not be able to put them down and they are longer than the usual, so are well worth the money.

“Ama, ridi, sogna-e vai dormaire” - Love, laugh, dream and go to sleep

JM Darhower you are a true genius. I cannot express enough how much I have loved this series. I cannot wait to see what you have up your sleeve for us next but I am secretly hoping for more Corrado and Carmine et al.

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