Friday 21 February 2014

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ The Jaguar Legacy by Maureen Fisher

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 Stars

This is a brilliant book that made my Sunday fly by. It’s got a great fast flowing story, it’s funny and sexy too.

Charley short for Charlotte is an investigative journalist who because of what had happened in her past, has had to go freelance to find a big story to put her back on the map. She desperately needs to bring in money that she sorely needs, and she is hoping to find it on an archaeology dig in the Mexican jungle which is being run by the archaeologist Dr Alistair Kinkaid.

Charley not sure of her welcome, as she had invited herself was a bit dubious in meeting Dr Kincaid and she didn't expect to literally bump into him, but she managed to win him round and he let her stay albeit only until the plane came back to pick her up.

Not only did Kincaid have Charley to contend with, but on the plane with her, was his ex-wife Leila who he definitely didn't want to see again. This could get interesting, and it did, as Leila had her own hidden agenda.

After a bit of a bumpy start with Kincaid, he did allow Charley on the site providing she didn't go anywhere near where the digging was being carried out, but Charley did get round him and she was fascinated at what they were uncovering, even though this was making her problem of spacing out stronger.

The friendship and attraction was blossoming between these two, with Kincaid going all out to get her in bed (playing up to his playboy image) and equally Charley, although attracted was fighting it, until one evening everyone on the dig was letting their hair down, Charley's barriers came down and finally Kincaid got Charley in his arms.

"Oh sweet Mother of Jesus," she heard him mutter. "You’re driving me insane." He ran his hands down her back and drew her against his hardness.

With heat flashing through all Charley's cells she answered.

"Your mouth should be registered as a lethal weapon, Kincaid," she whispered.

 and then he showed her just how much, it was a heady feeling, but she managed to break away before it went too far.

"Sweet dreams, lovely Charley. This isn't finished".

 All the while Charley, who had been having visions these past few months, was finding they were getting stronger all the while she was at the dig and she didn't know what was going on. Things were getting strange on the dig, making Charley very wary, but the attraction between her and Kincaid was stepping up, with her making the first move for a change.
"I've never been seduced before," he said running his hand possessively down the curves and slopes of her body." It could become addictive."

She couldn't help smiling at him and it only got better. There were lots of surprises in this book, you are left guessing till the end about the paranormal aspect but the anticipation does build.

I loved this book. Great story line, and I loved the humour running through it. Ms Fisher a brilliant 5 stars from me.

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