Friday 25 April 2014

Friday Frights ~ PNR Reviews ~ Blood Torn (Blackthorn Series) by Lindsay J Pryor

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 Stars 

This is book 3 in this seriously good Blackthorn series. A series I highly recommend you read.

It is about the depressing district of Blackthorn, where paranormals have been relocated to live together so they are far away from the human population. There are three main leaders, who keep a tight control of this rough community.

This story is about one leader, the Alpha of the Lycans, Jask Tao, a very hot looking male and the unlikely meeting of Sophia, an Alliance fighter, hell bent on killing all vampires and all their leaders.

Their first meeting couldn't be more bizarre with Sophia chained to a wall with dead vampires at her feet. Sophia is a bit bemused as she has just realized that she is now a Serryn, deadly to vampires if they take her blood, and then in walks Jask.

Jask takes her back to his compound, and that's where their game of nerves begins. With both of them not willing to back down, wary of each other as they both are surprised as neither of them are what they had been led to believe about each other.

All Sophia could think of was escaping, and if she could bring Jask down before she left… all the better.

Sophia couldn't help goading Jask, but while she was she couldn't help feeling this sizzle between them, a feeling she couldn't define. Jask, not letting Sophia out of his sight, insisted she shared his quarters and his bed.

"Have you ever been with a human?" she asked, unable to take the silence.

"They sob a lot."

Her gaze snapped across her shoulder at him.

"I think it’s the pace," he said, not having flinched.

"Apparently it’s true that we're feral. During the sex act more than any other time."

Jask had thrown her jibe right back at her, and then went to sleep, leaving Sophia confused. With the sexual tension building between these two you could feel it running through all their taunting jibes to each other.

With Jask thinking he can keep his feelings in check around Sophia and with Sophia fighting the feelings she felt towards this handsome Lycan with her goading him to try and get a response out of him…until finally he snapped, getting her on a mattress.

"You will look at me the whole time I'm inside you." he said. "And you will not look away until I'm done."

Her heart pounded. Her skin prickled.

As he pushed into her, everything in that moment stopped. Everything became a haze. Nothing felt real. His thrust was exquisite.

Steady but forceful, breaking inside her in one complete move, his breath held as tightly as hers.

To Sophia it was so much more than she ever thought possible, making her all the more determined to get away, and when she finally managed to escape it was to find everything she knew had been wiped out, and Jask, he could not come to terms what had happened to him, his pack, his people it was just too much.

Someone was going to pay for everything they had done, and these two combining their strengths was going to make sure it happened.

Ms Pryor, I really think this series awesome. I reviewed book 1 previously and I have read book 2, I couldn't put it down. This book is no different a winner all round. Please don't make us all wait too long for book 4 cannot wait to catch up with everything going on in Blackthorn as I think it’s going to be a cracker of a book.

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