Sunday 13 April 2014

Review ~ Hate Me (Keatyn Chronicles 5) by Jillian Dodd

Reviewed by Donna ~ 5 IFLY stars!!!

“It means we’re going to survive the kiln, too. No matter how high the heat.”

I have to say, this is my favourite of the series so far and that is saying something. I have always tried to justify reading this series to myself, as being 40 I should be past reading about high school antics and teenagers, but I am seriously addicted to this series. I had a crap time at school, really really bad, the victim of bullies, my school life was hell, so I missed out on all the fun and frolics, so I live vicariously through Keatyn in this series and live the school life I feel that I should have had. That is the beauty of the series, you are never too old!

A lot happens in this book and as much as I would love to spill the beans, I can’t; seriously, it would spoil it too much. But the biggest development in this book is Keatyn herself. She really grows up; she takes charge of her life and of her destiny and the fate of her family. She is selfless in this book and everyone comes before her, even her friends, a far cry from the slightly selfish Keatyn that we first encountered in Stalk Me. Keatyn has got to the point of fight or flight in this book, but knowing how ballsy our Keatyn is she chooses the fight option. Coming up with plans to draw Vincent out into the open, hoping to fluster him to the point that he makes mistakes, Keatyn puts her own life on the line to put her cunning plan into motion. Certain people are there for her and others she thought she could rely on fail her but she has a trusty team on her side, none more so than Grandpa. Gah, I love this man #teamGrandpa.

“Glad to see I taught you well. Just remember, any idiot can poke a rattlesnake with a stick, but a wise man knows exactly how long that stick is.”

Everyone knows I am a staunch “Team Aiden” fan and those that are will not be disappointed, well maybe a little ;-). He really pulls out all the stops in this book, he swoons, he romances, he is just so darn perfect and you do feel the chemistry between them radiate off the page. Maybe I am setting myself up for a huge fall and bitter disappointment but I truly hope that Keatyn’s HEA is with Aiden. Their connection is not just physical, it is emotional, and I feel that they are soul mates, ying and yang. For the first time Aiden’s thoughts and feelings are poured into this book and it was beautiful to read. Even the “Team B” people must feel that Aiden really comes into his own in this book. Whilst I appreciate you never forget your first love, the type of connection that these two have is one of those once in a lifetime ones. I love that these two have not really delved into the physical side of their relationship; they are concentrating on building the foundations. Keatyn has never approached a relationship like this and it is this that is another sign of her growth and maturity. These two really begin to gel as a couple and even though Keatyn’s secrets are not out in the open, Keatyn takes the approach that if they were truly meant to be, then when the real truth is finally revealed, he would understand and they would still be together. Even though the truth may hurt Aiden in the first instance, I feel positive that he will understand Keatyn’s reasoning and her necessity to protect those closest to her. At the end of the day, in a roundabout way, she has revealed the truth to him and knowing how intelligent Aiden is, I am sure he will re-group, connect the dots and stand by her side, at least I hope so.

“And does this kiss ever speak. It’s a kiss that’s more emotional than it is sexual. It’s a kiss that says all our fighting, all our misunderstandings, our lack of communication, all the hurt feelings, were worth it…its emotion mixed with desire. And I decide that might be the most powerful combination of all.”

Brooklyn, well, I couldn’t help but feel even more detached from him than I did before in this book. He may come up with plans, ideas and be Keatyn’s sounding board, but I feel that he never seems to follow through, none more so in this book. He still wants to be the best that he can be and follow his dreams, leaving Keatyn to find and fight her own, that is no bad thing, but I just felt he was pulling away in this book. Absence doesn’t seem to be making the heart grow fonder with these two. Keatyn is seeing a different side to Brooklyn, but I do feel that this is maybe Jillian’s way of making us think one thing and then she will hit us with something totally different. She is clever like that as we all know. She may be the queen of words, she has this knack of saying one thing that you can read in a certain way and think you are 100% correct, but then when the book comes out it means something totally different, yet she hasn’t actually told a fib!

Aiden is willing to change everything to be with Keatyn, some may say that is not a good thing, but it shows his devotion and commitment. I just hope in my heart of hearts that he is her HEA, although with a forever evolving script will her HEA be with her moonboy…for sure in this book the script is continuously changing so will this reflect on Keatyn’s life too?

“It’s what love is supposed to be. Scary, exhilarating – from the top of the world to the pits of hell – all-consuming love.”

“As long as we’re in each other’s hearts, we don’t ever have to label our relationship.”

As usual we have all the usual “hotties” in this book, there is a lot of fun and you can’t help but laugh at what the crazy gang get up to. I love Riley in this book, he is really coming into his own and to me he really stood out from the other characters. The girls are no different and we still have Whitney trying to convince us that leopards do change their spots…we all know that they don’t though!

I can’t wait for August for Get Me, however, this will also be bittersweet as it will be the end…I know we are going to have spin offs but this will be Keatyn’s final book and I for one am not sure I am ready to let her go.

“Hottie God: ifly <3

Me: Are you telling me you’re fly? LOL

Hottie God: I totally am, but no. ifly = I fucking love you

Me: Oh J Well, then, ifly too <3”

Once again Jillian, a fab read with twists and turns galore, totally and utterly loved it and as I said, my favourite one of the series so far.

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