Friday 16 May 2014

Friday Frights ~ PNR Reviews ~ Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood 5) by JR Ward

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 Stars

This is the fifth book in the so sexy, erotic lives of those handsome dynamic vampire Brotherhood warriors. This book is dedicated to Vishous, a dangerously handsome man with a deep dark sexual side to him. At 6ft 6in tall, massively built, blue rimmed ice white eyes, jet black hair and sporting a goatee and he is also a genius with electronics.

While out he was viciously attacked and shot by their enemy, the Lessers, being on his own he was taken down and before his brothers could get to him he was taken to a human hospital and was operated on by a woman surgeon named Dr Jane Whitcomb. Jane was a strong faced woman with a determined way of thinking and will say what she means and this was their first fated meeting.

Vishous comes to after the operation to find two doctors speaking and listening to the woman, Jane realises he is attracted to her and the only thought on his mind is…


His brothers, Butch, Rhage and Phury come to the hospital to get him out and they erase all evidence of him being there, even all staff and doctors, except for Jane because Vishous tells them…

“She. Comes. With. Me.”

And that’s when this really great story begins for real. With Jane coming to in Vishous’s bedroom and with her witnessing strange things happening that her human brain struggles to take in and the attraction she feels growing with Vishous, the patient that she has been kidnapped for to look after. Vishous looks at her and says, while she is washing him causing him to get “hard”

“You want to do this for me, don’t you?” he says roughly. “Not because you want me but because you wonder what it feels like and what I look like when I come.” As he kept up the stroking, she numbed out completely. “Don’t you Jane.” His breathing started to quicken. “You want to know what I feel like, what kind of noises I make, what it smells like.”

And she did, whoa!

“Shit…he was pure sex, totally undulated by inhibitions or awkwardness, nothing but a gathering storm of organism God…he was spectacular.”

Jane goes off to shower and all Vishous can think of is, boy he had it bad for her. This highly sexual relationship is full of pitfalls but he does manage to see Jane after she was released and back at her own home. His so erotic domination of her is something she has never succumbed to before, but she is overwhelmed by the emotions this so virile vampire is bringing out in her.

It is so mind blowing…

“He entered in a single hard thrust that brought his hips right to her back side and though she was the one absorbing the tremendous girth of him, he was the one who cried out. With no pause whatsoever, he started to pump into her. Her mouth open, her eyes open, hear ears eating up the delicious sounds of sex. It was like nothing she had ever known. It was sex to the millionth power. “Mine” he growled pounding into her. And then he bit her.”

This is such a brilliant erotic and sexy book with the other Brothers coming in and out the story with the mysterious John coming into his own. This book definitely merits 5 stars. Ms Ward, again, what can I say, this Brotherhood series is astounding and I’m a total big big fan. I can’t wait to read the next instalment. 

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