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Blog Tour ~ Review & Giveaway ~ Infinity + One by Amy Harmon

Book Description:
 When two unlikely allies become two unwitting outlaws, will two unforgettable lovers defy unbeatable odds?

Bonnie Rae Shelby is a superstar. She’s rich. She’s beautiful. She’s impossibly famous. And Bonnie Rae Shelby wants to die.

Finn Clyde is a nobody. He’s broken. He’s brilliant. He’s impossibly cynical. And all he wants is a chance at life.

One girl. One boy. An act of compassion. A bizarre set of circumstances. And a choice – turn your head and walk away, or reach out your hand and risk it all?

With that choice, the clock starts ticking on a man with a past and a girl who can’t face the future, counting down the seconds in an adventure riddled with heartbreak and humor, misunderstanding and revelation. With the world against them, two very different people take a journey that will not only change their lives, but may cost them their lives as well.

Infinity + One is a tale of shooting stars and fame and fortune, of gilded cages and iron bars, of finding a friend behind a stranger’s face, and discovering love in the oddest of places.

Our  Review:
**ARC received for honest review**
Reviewed by Donna ~ 5 Stars

“Maybe I’ll stop looking for real, now that I’ve found Infinity.”

It is no secret I am a huge Amy Harmon fan, every single book that Amy has written has left a memorable mark in my heart and head. She is so extremely talented with words that when you are reading it feels like you are watching a movie, you can picture the story, you live and breathe the story, you are in the story. The characters are so believable and real they become your friends, you walk their life with them, you embrace their strengths and weaknesses, you champion their opportunities and you want to extinguish their threats. This story is no different.

A modern day adaptation of Bonnie and Clyde but without the crime spree…this book is about two people who have their flaws, meeting in the most bizarre of circumstances and then embarking on a road trip of a life time…a trip that neither will forget and will leave them tied to each other for Infinity.

“We’re Bonnie and Clyde! Wanted and unwanted. Caged and cornered. We’re lost and we’re alone. We’re a big, tangled mess. We’re a shot in the dark. We’re two people who have nowhere else, no one else, and yet, suddenly that feels like enough for me! I’m sorry if it’s not enough for you.”

Bonnie Rae Shelby was a child who won a talent show that catapulted her to the top generating unwanted fame and fortune. Having an over bearing Grandma as a manager that has let the trappings of fame and wealth cloud her better judgement, Bonnie has finally had enough, coming off a long tour Bonnie wants it all to end, literally. The fame and fortune mean nothing to Bonnie, the one thing that she treasured the most she has already lost, so there is nothing left to live for, she just wants to die, but does she really?

Finn Clyde as the blurb states is a nobody. He’s broken. He’s brilliant. He’s impossibly cynical and all he wants is a chance at life. His past has left its mark, being in the wrong place at the wrong time has never been more devastating or damaging but he wants to move on, he needs to move on. The one stable in his life is his love of numbers, he is a mathematical genius, his numbers always get him through, they are his crutch and the way they are such an integral and important part of his life is enlightening.

“I believe in numbers. The ones you can see and the ones you can’t. The real and the imaginary, the rational and the irrational, and every point on lines that go on forever. Numbers have never let me down. They don’t waffle. They don’t lie. They don’t pretend to be what they’re not. They’re timeless.”

On a bridge at the dead of night Bonnie and Clyde meet for the first time, trusting each other, these two lost souls embark on a road trip of a life time. A road trip that will change them forever, affecting those around them, both good and bad, a journey showered in compassion, love and honesty, a journey not only in distance but a journey of the heart and soul, a journey of life. These two become one, Infinity + One.

I would love to go into details about this story, I could waffle on forever, I have highlighted so much but to do so would be a crime, this is one of those books that needs to be read, be devoured, inhaled, lived and breathed. Once you start you will be sucked into this story and it won’t let you go till the very end. Two broken characters, but together they become whole, a voyage of discovery, not only of who they are, but what they want from life. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance and none more so than Finn, they bring the best out in each other, they are soul mates, they understand each other, they complement each other, they are the ying and the yang, together they are Infinity + One.

“I don’t want to be without you, Bonnie! Don’t you get that? I am in love with you! I’ve known you for one week. And I’m in love with you! Crazy, drive-off-a-cliff-if-you-asked-me-to, in love with you. But I don’t want to drive off a cliff! I want to live with you! Do you want that? Or do you still think about jumping off bridges and going down in a hail of bullets?”

Amy Harmon’s characters are always one of a kind, I don’t know how she does it, but they are so individual, so unique, yet so normal. Her stories are pure but her plots are intricate and will have you page turning and guessing from the start, her prose will keep you glued to the pages but will whisk you away on a journey, emotional, heart-warming, thought provoking but most of all you will “feel,” and I love a book that makes me feel.

I was laughing and crying, I was sad and happy, a plethora of emotions running riot in a space of a few hours. I was championing them from the start, I loved the snippets of history that are littered throughout this book, somehow Amy always manages to educate you while you are reading, yet you don’t realise she is doing it. I cannot convey how much I loved this book, I feel that this is the best one yet but Making Faces will always have a special place in my heart.

“And that was the biggest paradox of all.”

Amy I applaud you yet again on another fantastic story, such a truly talented and gifted writer. Books that you will want to read again and again, books that leave that indelible mark on you and books that will have me 1clicking whatever you write. The song in the book sums it up beautifully!

“I cannot describe
Or explain the speed of light
Or what makes thunder roll across the sky
And I could never theorize about the universe’s size
Or explain why some men live and some men die

I can’t even guess
I would never profess
To know why you are here with me
And I cannot comprehend
How numbers have no end
The things you understand, I can’t conceive

Infinity + One
Is still infinity.
And no matter how I try
I’m bound by gravity.
But the things I thought I knew
Changed the minute I met you.
It seems I’m weightless
And I’m endless after all.

Weightless and endless.
Timeless and restless.
So light that I’ll never fall.
Weightless and endless.
Hopelessly breathless.
I guess I knew nothing at all.”
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About the Author:

Amy Harmon knew at an early age that writing was something she wanted to do, and she divided her time between writing songs and stories as she grew. Having grown up in the middle of wheat fields without a television, with only her books and her siblings to entertain her, she developed a strong sense of what made a good story.

Amy Harmon has been a motivational speaker, a grade school teacher, a junior high teacher, a home school mom, and a member of the Grammy Award winning Saints Unified Voices Choir, directed by Gladys Knight. She released a Christian Blues CD in 2007 called “What I Know” – also available on Amazon and wherever digital music is sold. She has written five novels, Running Barefoot, Slow Dance in Purgatory, Prom Night in Purgatory, the New York Times Bestseller, A Different Blue, Making Faces and most recently, Infinity + One.

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