Friday 20 June 2014

Into the Fae ( Gypsy Healers series book 1 ) by Quinn Loftis

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4-5 Stars

This is a brand new series by one of my favourite authors. If any of you have read the brilliant Grey Wolves series by this author many of the names that are in this book, you will recognise.

Running through this superb book is the growing romance between a three thousand year old High Fae by the name of Perizada, or Peri for short and a werewolf, who at one time was lost to his family for centuries, but had been brought back from an evil place and is trying to get to grips with the 21st century that he now finds himself in, and his name is Lucian.

Peri is trying to come to grips with the fact that she is the true mate to Lucias. This does not sit well with her and is fighting it with all that she has in her artillery, sarcasm, witticism and sometimes nastiness. Whereas Lucian is patience itself, knowing it to be fact and therefore he is very happy that after centuries of profound loneliness, to have found his true mate is entirely so happy, he feels blessed, but he knows he is going to need infinite patience with his new mate, but also knowing the rewards will be greater.

"True, unconditional, selfless love can soften the hardest heart, cleanse the filthiest soul, and quench the driest spirit."
He really has his work cut out for him as Lucian tells Peri on one occasion...

"There are none who hold even a crumb to the beauty I see in you, Perizada."
Her lips quirked up in a sly smile. "You sureknow how to sweet talk a woman, Lucian," she teased.

but Lucian, only had to talk to her with a certain timbre in his voice, could calm her like no other, but Peri being Peri always coming out with the witticism more often than not, because of her inward battle of fighting the deep feelings she was getting by being around Lucian. And Lucian was finding even he had limits at what he could take.

"I love you, Perizada. I don't know when it happened but I know that I love you. You are my mate and when you are ready to admit that you need me, use the bond and I will return to you."

and he was gone and Perizadas tears fell.

Her friend Sally came to her and tried to help her feel exactly how she would feel if she completed the bond with Lucian. How much more she would feel.

"I want to," Peri whispered to the once again empty room. "But I'm scared, I admit it. I fear a love that deep, that complete. Because if I ever lost it, how would I survive?"
and then in her mind she heard him...

"You can never lose me. I was yours before our time, and I will be yours long after it has past."

and when they did complete the bond it was so much more even more than Sally would know, being High Fae as Peri was it was much more...

I totally loved this book. It had all the ingredients of a thoroughly enjoyable read. As the author Quinn Loftis has not disappointed again. I thoroughly urge you to read this book as I can see its going to be another superb series.

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