Friday 25 July 2014

Friday Frights ~ PNR ~ Tempted by a Rogue Prince (Eternal Mates 3) by Felicity Heaton

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 Stars

This is third book in this really good series. Ms Felicity Heaton has done it again. In this book you read about two exceptional people who have got to overcome terrible conditions.

Vail who is from royalty but has been estranged from his realm for millenniums due to coming under the thrall of an evil black witch called Kordula, but on her death during the war between the Third and Fifth realms he finds himself wandering the realms of Hell in torment, fighting battles raging inside him that only he knows about. During his wandering he stumbles into the Fifth Realm. Totally exhausted he his confronted by demon warriors who finally overcome him and takes him to their prison. Because of the injuries he sustained during their fight the demon king, King Bruan, sends a white witch whom he had imprisoned earlier, to heal him as she had healing abilities.

The witch in question is Rosalind. A good person being a lover of nature which in her world she uses for the well-being of the people she treated and helped. Because of Vails total hatred of witches brought on by his treatment he sustained under Kordula, this meeting between Rosalind and Vail did not go well, as Rosalind found out when she entered his cell.

This book tells you how these two people face unbelievable trials of hardship which they have to overcome while being in each other’s company. Vails total distrust and hatred of witches was not easy on Rosalind, but Rosalind being the good person she was, was understanding that there was more going with Vail than meets the eye and also she had her own tortured thoughts to contend with.

The relationship between these two does get better as you will find out as you read along, even to the extent that when in Vails more lucid moments being near Rosalind all he could think of was the name Little Wild Rose. Rosalind was at a loss with this being she was asked to treat, she felt the blackness that resided in Vail but she also saw the handsome man under all his injuries and weakened state and couldn't help being drawn to him even though he totally confused her with his treatment of blowing hot and cold when being with her.

Escape was all that was going through Vails mind and he knew in his heart that he had to take his Little Wild Rose with him.

During this great story there did come a time that desire did flare up between these two and you could say it blew pretty hot

“He snarled and tore at his trousers, freeing his steel-hard length, grasped it tightly in his fist and entered her in one stroke. She cried out as he drove himself to the hilt, her wet heat gloving him as tightly as his fist had. He withdrew and thrust back in, her whimper of pleasure encouraging him to do it again and again.”

So this brilliant story evolves with blistering heat between these two developing as they face the hard trials that was laid before them.

I really loved this book. I have read the whole series up to this point, and you would not be disappointed in reading it to. The characters are written superbly and the story enthralling as only the world of the paranormal can be.

Hats off to you Felicity Heaton on an excellent series.

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