Friday 22 August 2014

Friday Fright ~ PNR Reviews ~ A Slash of Savagery (Wiccan-Were-Bear Book 8) by R.E. Butler

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4 Stars

Another great book from Ms Butler. I do love this series. In this story a Wiccan witch by the name of Arissa Kensington, a chirpy red head, has been asked by her head witch Lorene if she would be willing to help out the local Vampire coven. The master of the vampire coven, Mishka, had come and asked Lorene for an allegiance between the witches and vampires, as his vampire mates were being targeted and attacked by human vigilantes who lived nearby. While Mishka came to the witches shop to speak to Lorene, Arissa was working there at the time and she spotted a very tall vampire amongst Mishka’s guards and was quite smitten with him, so when Lorene approached Arissa about helping them out she grabbed the chance hoping to see this magnificent vampire again.

The vampire that caught Arissa's eyes was Brone, a 1000 year old vampire who worked as head of security for Mishka and who was also an old and valued friend of the Master vampire. When Arissa starts work at the club which is owned by Mishka the romance between her and Brone really starts to take off.

"What am I?" she asked with a breathy whisper.

"My mate," he answered simply. They were possibly the two truest words he had ever spoken.

Brone was very protective of Arissa making sure other vampires knew to stay away from her. This amused Arissa but also she loved when he growled at them feeling very cherished. Arissa loved working at the club. Soon making friends amongst her colleagues and being able to joke with them in her new environment with Brone watching her, keeping her safe.

The love affair between these two got stronger and stronger. The attraction knew no bounds and after a certain ritual was performed, Brone made love slowly and erotically…

“He slipped an arm underneath her and lifted her hips, and she gasped as she arched under him, his cock hitting a place deep inside her that made her feel as though her blood was made of molten lava. He thrust into her hard and fast, his body slamming into hers with speed and force. She could only hold onto him and absorb the wild sensations that were coursing through her. Pleasure. Desire. The first stirrings of love.”
Theirs was truly a mating of true love and trust, but there were troubles ahead that they were unprepared for. 

You have an Ancient Ritual performed.

A love match that was growing with erotic sex.

And a deadly fight.

And a very special witch.

Ms Butler you have done it again. A real page turner, which everyone will enjoy.
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