Friday 15 August 2014

Friday Frights ~ PNR Reviews ~ GianMarco (Blood Brothers) by Eve Vaughn

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 Stars

Although this book was published in Dec 13 it is I think a must read. This book is very heart warming, erotic and had loads going on in it. Especially between the two main characters.

GianMarco Grimaldi is a 600yr old vampire whose past has left him tortured and jaded. Flitting from woman to woman never giving too much of himself, just getting what he wants and walking away without a backward glance. Working with a human friend whose name is Oliver. They met each other when GianMarco was working in the police force in one of his previous lives. They then decided to open up a Detective Agency together. The only fly in the ointment was that GianMarco kept having affairs with the females that they employed and consequently when he broke off with them they decided to quit on the spot. This was sorely testing Oliver’s patience, until he thought he had the answer by employing a woman who was the antithesis of every woman that GianMarco had been attracted to.

That was when he hired Maggie Williams, a forty year old African American who was carrying a bit of extra weight, nothing like the usual svelte women that GianMarco went for. Maggie was just coming out of a disastrous marriage. She had been trying to live the dream of happy ever after with her ex-husband, but it was not to be. After living in foster care all her life, meeting Eugene whilst still being at school, falling in love, she had that dream. Only at 17 she found herself pregnant and so they got married. Giving up her life she helped put Eugene through Law School and stayed at home bringing up their 2 children. Ignoring the affairs he had over the years just so she could keep the family unit together only to be tossed aside after 23 years of marriage for another woman younger than herself. Defeated but not down as she had her pride, she set out and got herself a very small apartment and looked for employment so that she could support herself. That's when she saw the advert for the job at the Agency and she applied.

Oliver thought he had cracked it when he interviewed Maggie and accepted her on the spot, no more of GianMarco coming onto the staff. Unbeknown to him the first time GianMarco first set eyes on Maggie he was floored. Fighting the very strong pull he felt towards her he was rude and obnoxious, but they did overcome this and Maggie was thrust into the vampire world. Nothing was easy for these two as you will find out when you read this book especially the first time they got together it was not what you would expect quite the contrary but very erotic all the same and one of their next interludes....

“He smacked his lips.”You have no idea what a beautiful picture you present right now. How can you not know how sexy you are?" He caressed her bottom. "This succulent brown ass tempts me beyond endurance." He then cupped her mound. "And this pretty pink pussy is the most addictive thing on Earth."”

 Apart from this erotic romance there is a lot going on between these pages. This is the start of the series introducing you to the Grimaldi Brothers and what they stand for and the romances that they find while doing this.

Ms Vaughn really loving the series and can’t promote it to other readers enough to try. Well done.

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