Wednesday 6 August 2014

R.L. Griffin Day ~ Guest Post by R.L. Griffin ~ Part 2 of What If

Now we can exclusively reveal part 2 of R.L. Griffin's "What If" Story.

You can read Part 1 here:

Take it away R.L.  .......

Patrick could only see the outline of her wet hair as he jumped into the water, the waves being relatively calm at night on Tybee Island. “Stella!”
She turned to face him, rising out of the water and beads of water danced down the slopes of her body. Her neck, her collarbone and her breasts were all covered with drops slipping slowly along the curves of her before disappearing back into the black water. Patrick was frozen for a beat, his toes sinking in the sand, but his dick certainly took note of every inch of this woman in front of him.
“Yeah,” she answered simply, waiting on him. She was daring him to make a move standing without embarrassment or any hint of regret. She knew what she was doing.
Patrick took two long strides to where he was just a hair away from touching her. “You’re beautiful.”
“You got a better line than that, Patrick?” She chuckled and brushed the wet clump of hair that was stuck to her forehead.
“This is a mistake,” he said stepping closer and traced her jaw with his thumb. Her mouth fell open inviting him, taunting him.
“Probably,” she agreed and stepped closer to him, her breasts rubbing his cold skin under his chest and his dick pressing against her abdomen.
“Oh fuck it,” he muttered as he lifted her easily and sunk down in the water at the same time. His lips grazed hers at first testing.  Hers followed his and claimed them on her own. Stella wrapped her arms around his neck and their tongues tangled and waltzed. Her moan was like a symphony to his ears.  Then she threw her head back allowing another moan to escape her lips as he sunk into her. Patrick kissed her neck slowly as he lifted her with the rhythm of the waves lapping against them. 
Patrick blocked out everything, but her moans and the stars scattered in the sky. He ignored that this was Jamie’s girl. He denied that he was breaking every rule that he had for himself with her. Patrick pumped in and out of her quicker and could feel something building in them both. He reached down with his left hand and touched her where they met.
“Patrick,” her voice was horse from moaning and his name from her lips was the best sound he’d ever head. “Oh shit,” she called breathless and her body held onto his like they were made for each other, like she was where she belonged.
After they were finished they remained joined and began to kiss again. He felt slightly better she’d kissed him again and with just as much urgency. Stella leaned back, floating on the black waves, him still in her and floated with a mischievous smile on her face.
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