Wednesday 13 August 2014

The Hot Bed #Route66 Trip @TheHotBed

We are joining The Hot Bed on their #Route66 trip today. They are in New York City today, so we are reposting two reviews for books we've read based in NYC! Enjoy....
Review ~ Collide (Collide 1) by Gail McHugh

Written 14th May 2014
**ARC Received for honest review**
Reviewed by Willow ~ 4 Stars

"She's out there, son, and when you find her, you'll know it the second you see her. She'll pull at your every instinct . Without any regard to the natural order of things, she'll just....appear"

After the death of her mother, Emily has moved to New York to be closer to her boyfriend Dillon. Dillon has cared for her and her mother during her mothers fight with cancer, he's the perfect boyfriend, but something is holding her back from moving in with him.

My impression of Dillon at this stage was that he was a nice caring guys, but was a bit cocky, but given his job, he had to be self assured and confident.

One evening just as Emily is leaving her shift at a new job she landed, the owner explains that the delivery boy is sick and they need to make a regular delivery, so Emily agrees to make the delivery on her way home. As she steps into the lobby of the office building, "Mr Tall, Dark & Handsome" greets her and offers to take her to the correct floor. It turns out the delivery is for him, but he's totally attracted to her so wants to spend time with her, getting her to ride the elevator with him.

The next day Mr Tall, Dark & Handsome turns up at Emily's work, he has to see her again. Sure Emily is attracted to him - who wouldn't be - but she has the lovely Dillon, so brushing off his advances she tells him her name is Molly and leaves it at that.

Requested by Dillon, Emily goes down to a bar to meet Dillon and some friends & clients of his. As she enters the bar Mr Tall, Dark & Handsome notices her, this cant be his luck cant it? Her, here, now, walking towards him? As he is staring at her making her way across the room, he hears his friend, Dillon speak about his girlfriend Emily approaching - wait what? Molly is Emily? Molly and Mr Tall, Dark & Handsome are introduced to each other by Dillon - Gavin, one of his best friends and Emily, his girlfriend. Neither of them can believe it's happening.

As the book progresses we see Emily trying to stay away from Gavin, she doesn't need her senses assaulted every time she sees him and Gavin is constantly battling with himself that he wants this girl but not only is she taken, she is taken by a close friend. Unfortunately though, with both of them running in the same circle, there are times when their worlds collide.

As Dillon's kind caring nature starts to disappear and his true colours start to show, he becomes possessive, aggressive and his faithfulness is questioned. Although they try to fight it and Emily tries to stay away from him, Gavin and Emily become friends.

"With bloodshot eyes, Gavin watched her chest rise and fall peacefully. As each one of those seconds, minutes or possible hours passed, Gavin knew - and not for the sake of what he wanted for him and Emily, but for the sake of Emily alone - he needed to get her away from Dillon."

There are many ups and downs in this book and many misunderstandings. There are times you want to scream at Emily for being blind when it comes to Dillon and times you want Gavin to try harder. There are definitely times when you want to yell at Dillon. The author did a brilliant Job of making you think Dillon was a decent guy, then slowly his faƧade is peeled away and his true nature surfaces, and that's usually how it all starts in real life too.

Gails writing is extremely easy to read, and the book had me hooked very early on. It's not a slow book, it seemed packed with things happening, and not in a bad way, as I got to the half way point I was surprised that so much had happened in the first half of the book and I wanted more. Gail didn't disappoint, there was still plenty of ups and downs to go! I will warn you, it does end on a cliff hanger and although it does give you the first chapter of the next book Pulse, it actually leaves you in a worse place if you read it! I am totally hooked and need to know what's going to happen. Fortunately for us kindle readers, the ebook of Pulse is out now, but if you're waiting for the paperback that appears to be due for release on 12th August.

I definitely recommend this book, I know Donna loves this book too and I'd be surprised if you read it and don't fall in love with Gavin Blake.
So what are you waiting for? Go order your copy now!
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Beautiful Stranger (Beautiful Bastard 2) By Christina Lauren

Written 17th April 2013

Reviewed by Donna 4.5 big fat shiny twinkly stars...

I loved this book, even more than Beautiful Bastard. I hate to say this but I have added a new book boyfriend in the shape of Max Stella my oh my..

This story focuses on a friend of Bennett's called Max Stella and Chloe's best friend Sara Dillon.
Sara has just upped sticks and moved as she had been in a long term relationship with a politician whom she had just found out had been cheating on her throughout the relationship. She had to get away and find the real Sara. She gets a job as head of finance working for Bennett's company. As an introduction to the city Chloe takes Sara to the local night spots and whilst in a club at the bar Sara bumps into Max Stella, she is immediately taken aback by the Brit but brushes him off as she is not there for men. Sara makes her way back to the dance floor and back to her friends, whilst dancing she can feel a set of eyes on her and scans the room, there she sees Max completely staring at her, it seems he is just as taken as she was. She makes her way to the ladies room and when she comes out she bumps into a wall of muscle that is Max Stella, they find somewhere quiet and whilst totally out of character for Sara she ends up having sex and in true Cinderella style just leaves one thing behind..her panties and a dumbfounded Max Stella, he may have just met his match! He knows nothing about this girl not even her name only that he is totally and utterly besotted with her.

A chance meeting in a restaurant gives Max an inkling into her true identity and eventually finds her, they embark on a no strings attached relationship, that always involves having sex in public places and photographing themselves whilst in the throes and build up..Sara has found a kinky side..she is determined to keep it strictly friends with benefits, but eventually both Max and Sara realise that the feelings run a lot deeper. The months that lead up to this include some fantastic scenes that had me chuckling and swooning..they really do make a fabulous couple.

As usual with all new relationships, they never run smooth, they both have insecurities, especially Sara. Max has a rep as a player and is also hunted by the paparazzi so as Sara wants anonymity and public sex they have to be adventurous and careful. They have to find a safe way of indulging whilst protecting themselves.

I absolutely adored this couple, this book takes you down the road of recovery after being hurt, finding yourself, releasing your insecurities, trusting others, allowing yourself to love and most of all to be loved. It truly is a fabulous story and one that had my heart melting, I loved it. So much better than the first book in my opinion, certainly not fan fic as I have seen in other reviews of 1* just because it allegedly is..they don't know what they are missing out on.

Highly recommended to all us hopeless romantics out there that believe in HEA's, love, romance and just need a big fat dollop of swoon!! Well done ladies.

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