Thursday 11 September 2014

Review ~ Filthy Beautiful Lies (Filthy Beautiful Lies #1) by Kendall Ryan

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 Stars

“If Becca’s illness has taught me anything, it’s that life can be taken away from you in an instant. I’ve been wasting mine. And even though I don’t know what’s next, I know I don’t want to continue to live like I was."

I have to say that I loved this book. I connected with both of the main characters and I absolutely love the brothers! This is a love story where the main characters are not supposed to fall in love, what!! I hear you say…this is not your typical love story at all.

Sophie is a selfless individual, but she desperately needs money and needs it fast. After exhausting all possible avenues and “get rich quick” schemes Sophie finally realises that she will have to auction off the only thing she has left of any value…her virginity! Thinking being a prostitute would bring in the money she needs and quick, Sophie’s expectations are brought crashing down to earth, but she is informed about a “club” whereby girls are auctioned off to the highest bidder for six months of their life and being that she was a virgin, her price would be high. Reluctantly, she agrees and is soon bought for more money than she could ever have hoped for. Having sent the money to the person that needs it, Sophie begins her six month contract, but all is not as it seems.

“I want to step down off the humiliating stage I’ve been made to stand on. I want my clothes. But I remain rooted in place, realizing for the first time that my actions are no longer my own.”

Colton Drake buys Sophie, not his normal MO, he normally likes them broken in and trained but he could see how uncomfortable she was and did not like the man that was leading the bidding, he felt sorry for her and raised the ante. Now what to do with her?

Colton had gone to the auction on the fly, he was not looking for anything serious, he wanted a companion and no strings sex. This is hard to believe coming from a man that was sex on a stick, I mean, why would he need to “buy” someone? Surely a man this good looking and this rich could have his pick and would have women flocking to him like bees around honey. Colton is guarded and secretive, it is obvious that he has skeletons and something from his past has determined the man that he is today. Could this contract be just what Colton and Sophie need?

Colton is adamant that this is just another contract, as long as he can keep Sophie at arm’s length and not let her in they will both get along fine, but these two have a connection whether they like it or not, yes, it was not meant to happen, now they both have to make a decision, do they fight it or embrace it?

“You could cut the sexual tension between us with a knife – it’s a real and visceral need permeating the air around us. And each night I’m expected to cuddle up to a shirtless, buff, delicious smelling man, lay in his arms and be the perfect little obedient bedmate. The problem with all this? It’s f**king confusing.”

This book was a really enjoyable read; it was sizzling with steam and sizzling with chemistry. These two could easily have burned down a house. Slowly but surely you were let into Colton’s back story and could come to understand why he was the man he was today, but he has demons to fight and they must be destroyed before he can even begin to comprehend a future for himself. There are a lot of battles ahead for these two and this book is just the beginning.

This was an addictive story that I couldn’t help but read in one sitting. It had me gripped from start to finish with a lot of angst on the way. I loved Colton with a passion. He was a wounded soul that I just wanted to smother with love and protect. Yes this is quite the journey, but as this is just the beginning I am eagerly anticipating the next leg of their story. I think that these two have quite a few hurdles to overcome but I am sitting here brimming with positivity that this will work out for them.

“I’d been trying like hell to hold her at a distance – to keep her separate from my personal life – but there’s no denying it, she’s all I think about. She’s all I want. Though it’s entirely honest, the realization scares me. And it feels nice to be touched. Even if it’s not real.”

I can’t wait for the next one!!

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