Thursday 23 October 2014

Review ~ Alex (Cold Fury Hockey 1) by Sawyer Bennett

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 Stars

“I’m so afraid of hurting you that I think it’s safe to say my heart is definitely involved.”

Wow, I seriously need to read more hockey books, I totally loved it.

Alex is a total douche, or at least that is the persona that radiates off him and he does nothing to sway anyone’s opinion. He is an ass to his team mates, his friends and his family, he keeps himself to himself, no small talk, and he even has little time for his fans. In fact they have named him MVP, this is not Most Valuable Player either…but Most Valuable Prick. Alex has a deep hatred for hockey, so why does he play? Hockey reminds him of his past and it is not pretty, but because all his time and effort was channelled into hockey it is the only thing he is good at and he is really, really good, so he has little choice but to continue with a career he hates.

The management at his team are sick and tired of his antics and attitude so they send him on “community service,” they deemed it time that he changed the public’s opinion of him and actually tried to ingratiate himself with the fans and his team mates, else, be fired! It is while on community service that he meets Sutton, who is an over worked, under paid drugs counsellor.

Sutton has had a crap life too, but unlike Alex, she made something out of nothing. She did not let her past define her, she made her past work for her and as used her experience as a child to get to the place that she is at today. She is a beautiful character inside and out and you cannot help but love her. She has sass and attitude and can stand up for herself, Alex doesn’t know what has hit him.

Alex, poor Alex, he didn’t stand a chance…not used to being knocked back he has to work for this and for the first time in his life, this is something he wants and he wants it badly. Now it is up to him to pull out the charm and try and win the girl. These two do have obstacles. The course of true love never running smooth and there are a lot of outside interferences that these two need to overcome, but their biggest problem is Alex and his past.

“God, I missed you.” Those four words tipped me over the edge and I pretty much f**king kissed my soul goodbye. I know I’m probably still destined to screw things up with Sutton but I’ve decided, until then, my soul is her b***h.”

Sutton has to use all of her experience as a counsellor in this relationship and to see the change in Alex as their relationship progresses was beautiful to watch. Finally we get to see the real Alex and unfortunately hear about the past that has made him the man that he is today.

“Thank you…for taking the time to try to get to know me. And I think maybe for getting me when I’m not sure I even get myself.”

In summary I loved this one, I loved the characters, I loved the writing style and I cannot wait to read more in this series, I understand Garrett is up next and I loved him in this one. The ending was fantastic, you will know when you get there, I could picture the scene, the crowd, everything, it was perfection!!
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