Friday 28 November 2014

Friday Frights ~ PNR ~ Shadows of the Ancients (The Ancients Series) by Christine M Butler

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4 Stars 

This book I found to be a romance which had little twist and turns that made it a really enjoyable read.

21 year old Jessica St. Marks or Jess to her friends is a werewolf who has come to the stage in life where she is expected to be mated. Jessica is fighting the decision of the mate that had been chosen for her by her parents, a choice that had been made when she was tiny. Jessica calls her best mate Ashley, a human, whom she had met at college and asked her if she fancied going out that night. Having decided to go the nightclub in town, this is where the story begins. The meeting of Jess and the tall, dark handsome man standing at the bar, who just by looking at him Jess knew he was another were. After literally bumping into one another the chemistry and electricity was felt by both of them and they knew they had to see more of each other.

Mr Tall, Dark and Handsomes name was Evan De'Lune who happened to be in town to buy said nightclub which was why he happened to be in the club when he met Jess. Evan was an Ancient which is the pure blood weres against what they call the lesser were packs which is where Jess was from but not caring about the politics of were cultures he was determined to have Jess for himself. 

Not being interested in relationships before meeting Evan Jess is totally blown away by him and all her wits went out the door which got her into hot water with her family. Through this, big changes occur within the pack, but they were strong and held out and their romance begins.

Because of Jess's naivety where men are concerned Evan promised Jess that he would take his time and let Jess get to know him more before they decide to mate but this did not stop him from making love to her…

“There we stood, skin to skin, scorching each other everywhere we touched.

"Evan" I whispered as he trailed hot kisses down my neck, finding that spot that caused my knees to buckle as he nuzzled in further, scraping teeth across the sensitive area, then leaving a lingering kiss there before moving on. “

But nothing seems to run smoothly for them especially when Evans brother Mikael came to town, starting with the treatment of Mikael towards Jess's best friend Ashley.

Then the changes in Jess's pack brought all sorts of bad repercussions onto Jess, which makes this story a lively and entertaining read. Also there's a twist at the end that Jess definitely didn't see coming.

 Great read thoroughly enjoyed this book. Loved Jess's character and especially Ashley who I thought is a diamond.

Well done Ms Butler.

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