Friday 30 January 2015

Friday Frights ~ Review ~ Eternal Hunter (Night Watch) by Cynthia Eden

Review by Shirley ~ 5 Stars

What a start to a new series. This is a book you can really get your teeth into. It has everything, a really great interesting story and very hot sex.

Our two main characters are Jude and Erin. Jude is a very rare white tiger shifter, a real mean machine who works for a special group of a people. They are Bounty Hunters for the paranormal, made up of a different species to make sure justice is served against paranormals which the human policing cannot fight against. Jude is a man with a very dark past and is doing his best to sort out his demons which plagues him daily. He is not your usual handsome man but very sexy in his own right.

Erin works in the DA’s Office and she is a woman with big secrets. She is trying to live as normal as possible, but fate was not on her side. This beautiful woman who has been through hell and back has had to run from everything she has known to start again in a new town. She has an evil person  stalking her, who is very sick minded and blood thirsty. Erin was so tired of running, all she wanted was a normal life but that was a luxury she could not have with this hanging over her head.

The story really starts when Erin crosses paths with Jude.

For Jude it was instant lust when he first catches sight of Erin, he knew he was not meant to get involved with anyone who was involved in the cases he was on, but with Erin he just could not help himself.

Erin was more reserved, doing her level best to be professional and that means not getting involved especially with sexy shifters. Just one fly in the ointment, her past was catching up with her and causing havoc in the new town she had moved to.

There is a lot of twist and turns in this book which makes it very hard to put down. The gradual romance which is blossoming between Jude and Erin starts slow but gets hotter and hotter.

“His cock drove into her. No tentative thrust. Just hard plunge. Balls-deep and so thick. Her legs locked around his hips, and she slammed up to meet him. Again and again. Her body tightened. His mouth took her breast again. Licking and sucking, scoring her lightly with his teeth while he kept thrusting. Driving as far into her as he could go. Hard and fast. Just the way she wanted him.”

The plot thickens and the sex increases. This really is a good book.

Loved it Ms Eden already bought the second book in the series which I cannot wait to read, will definitely be following this series.

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