Friday 13 February 2015

Friday Frights ~ Review ~ The Fae Chronicles by Amelia Hutchins

Series Review by Shirley ~ 5 Stars

Book 1 ~ Fighting Destiny
Book 2 ~ Taunting Destiny
Book 3 ~ Escaping Destiny
Book 4 ~ Seducing Destiny

I have been devouring these books as quickly as I can so that I can catch up with everything that is happening between the characters Synthia and Ryder.

From book one up to the present book four; I have been transported into their world, the life of all the Fae. These books keep you totally transfixed. They have a really great story to tell especially between Syn (Synthia), and Ryder. I love the way they talk to one another, it is so entertaining and oh so sexy.

Syn has had some real bad knocks in her life, where a lot of people would have crumpled but because of these knocks she has come out stronger, fighting all the harder and so very loyal and protective of those she loves.

Ryder is a total different kettle of fish, he is harder than granite and he has been brought up harshly by an evil tyrant of a father where love was never present.

These books show you how the determination of one little woman, who is beautiful inside and out can bring down even the hardest brick wall, bit by bit, that surrounds Ryder’s hard beating heart.

These books show you their treacherous journey, with arguments galore, banter which make you smile, especially what comes out of Syn's mouth, you have to give her top marks for sassiness. The sex scenes are so blistering hot, so erotic; they will give you the shivers all over. Boy does it make you want to be immortal even for one unforgettable night.

I have told you little of these luscious books. I will not give out anything to spoil your enjoyment. I really want you to start at the beginning like I did, believe me its well worth it. If you’re like me you cannot put the books down so be prepared to burn the midnight oil.

The characters are dark; they are the worst that you can come across. These are what Syn and Ryder have to face, but on a lighter note I will give you a taster of one of their numerous couplings, which gets hotter and hotter the further you read.

“He rolled me over beneath him and entered me slowly, his eyes watching me as I accepted him. It was intimate, as if our souls had connected in that moment of time and nothing else outside this room mattered. "You are mine, Synthia. If any other feeds from you he will die. Do you understand what I am telling you?" He drove himself to the hilt inside of me, ripping a gasp of pleasure from deep in my chest.

"I belong to no one," I said, wrapping my legs around him as he prepared to pound inside of me, punishing me for disobeying him days before.

"Wrong, I'm claiming you, Syn. Right now, right here, you are mine."

Ms Hutchins I cannot get enough of these books. MORE PLEASE as soon as you can.

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Fighting Destiny
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Taunting Destiny
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Escaping Destiny
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Seducing Destiny
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