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Blog Tour ~ Review, Excerpt & Giveaway ~ Taz (G-Man #4) by Andrea Smith

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Book Description:


taz cover.jpgMy life is finally perfect. My dreams have all come true. I'm where I want to be with the bureau; having the career I've been planning since I did my stint in the military. I'm married to the one and only woman I've ever loved; my heart beats for her alone. Together we've made beautiful babies that I adore. I'm thirty-three years old and I'm complete.

Then one day, it all changes. Slate recruits me for a temporary assignment that is underneath the radar for a reason. The bureau hasn't sanctioned it as a priority, but Slate feels it is because of who is involved: Sue Ellen Reynard. Yeah, remember her?


Our lives were perfect. Taz and I had everything we'd ever hoped for: family, careers and an everlasting devotion to one another. Suddenly nothing is the same. In a single moment, my biggest fear is realized by one phone call from Slate: an 'agent is missing'.

My agent; my Taz . . .

This is just the beginning of our long journey. Will things ever be the same again?

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I wiped my hands clean, tossed the towel into the trash and grabbed my wife's hand, pulling her behind me up the wide staircase to the second floor. Once there, outside of those closed french doors that had been my iron curtain for the past several weeks, I pushed them open, pulled her into the room with me, and then kicked them shut with one swift move.

I pulled her close, raising her shirt up and she didn't resist; but instead, raised her arms up so that I could pull it up and over her head. I unfastened her front closure bra, releasing her beautiful tits that I hadn't touched in months.

I lifted her up, and carried her over to the bed--our bed, gently placing her on her back, so that I could straddle her and begin feasting on her breasts.

She moaned beneath me with pleasure. I multitasked, sucking on a breast while I unfastened her jeans, before raising myself back up so that she could shimmy out of them. I pulled my shirt up and over my head, and then quickly unfastened my jeans, shedding them along with my boxers in one swift movement.

I lowered myself back over her, my mouth finding hers. I slowed my pace. I sure as hell didn't want to come before my dick was even inside of her, but I swear to God, I knew I wouldn't last long. I kissed her softly, playfully, as my teeth gently nipped at her bottom lip.

Our tongues interlaced, and her arms wrapped around me tightly, pulling my face and upper body even closer to her. I was consumed by her scent, her softness, her sweetness--all of it. She was mine to claim and holy fuck if I wasn't going to! Nothing--I repeat--nothing was going to keep me from sinking my cock into her sweet pussy and showing her that she was mine--now and always.

And then we heard it.

At the same time.


From the room down the hall, Jackson was crying. And it wasn't just a fussy or whiney cry that would likely stop so that he could return promptly to sleep.

Hell no!

It was a loud-ass wailing, followed by a high-pitched shriek of "Mommeee!"

Over and over.

Seriously dude?

Lindsey squirmed underneath me, pushing against my chest.

"I'll get him, babe," I said, getting up.

"No," she said gently, giving me a quick kiss on the lips. "It's okay, Taz. He's calling for me. I'll get him."

She launched herself out of our bed, and quickly went to the closet, pulling on her white terry cloth robe, making a quick exit so that she could tend to our son.

The little cockblocker.

I made a mental note to ground his ass just as soon as he was old enough to understand the whole concept.

I swear.
Our Review:

**ARC received for honest review**

Reviewed by Donna ~  4 Stars

This is book four of the G-Man series and this one covers Taz and Lindsey, we have already had their story in Book 2 and this catches up with them going forward. Taz is still in the bureau and Lindsey and Sam’s interior design business is on the up and up and gaining momentum.

Taz and Lindsey had already been through so much in Love Plus One and it seems that their life is finally settled, they are now married and have children and their life is running smoothly. However as we always know with a job in the bureau Taz can be taken away at a moments notice and spend months away from home at a time and in true Andrea Smith style her plans for these two are anything but smooth.

Slate recruits Taz to go undercover, he is the only one that Slate trusts to undertake such a huge job that has extensive repercussions but it means that Taz will once again be away from Lindsey and his children. Having had to spin Lindsey a story about where he is going and downplaying it, it comes as a shock to everyone when what should have been an in and out job goes drastically wrong.

It is hard to read when a couple you have grown to love go through difficulties, and while they had already been through so much to be where they are I felt that this only made what they had stronger and to get through this they were going to need to rely on that strength.

“Stop,” I growled through clenched teeth, “Don’t resist me.” It was something I might’ve said to a perp that was resisting arrest, but at this moment, I was saying to my wife. My mate. The woman that I loved more than life itself.”

Lindsey has really grown as a character and while you always thought that she was the quiet type she really grows some balls in this book and she really needs them. Marriage always has it’s problems but Andrea really heaps them on this book. Sometimes I was frustrated but I was empathetic. I tried to put myself in Lindsey’s shoes and try and think how I would react but I don’t think you can until you are actually in that situation. However, I did feel that Andrea dealt with them sympathetically and compassionately.

“Yeah, fuck me hard, and Taz? Put some ass behind it.”

This book is action packed too and it was great to catch up with the rest of the team, we are treated to all the characters coming together to get through these new set of problems. One thing that these characters have is a great family bond and when one is in trouble they all get together to do whatever they can to help.

As much as this hurt to read I really enjoyed this book, it had everything, the action, the suspense and the emotional side. Andrea Smith always delivers a captivating read and this one will have you on the edge of your seat and if you love this series, then you are going to love this read. Another great addition to this series.

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Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/19ZM7LU

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About the Author:
andrea smith.jpgI was born and raised in southern Ohio, and with the exception of a brief stint in Dallas, TX, have been an Ohioan most of my life. My dream has always been to write a novel, and back in the early eighties I tried to do just that, having been influenced by authors such as Kathleen Woodiwiss, Johanna Lindsey, Rosemary Rogers and Laurie McBain. I remember writing to all of them through their listed publishers, and the only response I received was from Johanna Lindsey (who lived in Hawaii at the time.

Ms. Lindsey advised me to continue with my dream; and to submit to various publishers again and again. Of course, at that time, publishing e-books yourself was not on the horizon; there were vanity publishing houses of course, but she advised me to avoid those.

So my dream was put on the back-burner for more than 25 years until June of 2012 when suddenly I no longer had a reason not to write a novel. My sons were grown; I found myself without a career (blessedly) and the creative juices flowed once again.

I finished my first novel, "Maybe Baby" in September of 2012; the next two books in the "Baby Series" titled "Baby Love" and "Be My Baby" were published in early 2013. I learned a lot in my first endeavor with self-publishing. I've made so many friends as a result that it is over-whelming.

In the spring of 2013, I had an idea for a different type of Alpha, and wrote Book #1 of the "G-Man" Series, titled "Diamond Girl." This book was well-received, and I followed it with Book #2, "Love Plus One." These are stand-alone books.

I am finally doing what I love and I sincerely appreciate the wonderful readers who provide feedback and take the time to comment. I hope that with each book, my writing has grown and improved as I strive to publish quality fiction.

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