Friday 24 April 2015

Friday Frights ~ PNR Reviews ~ Mystik Warrior (Dark Warrior Alliance) by Brenda Trim and Tami Julka

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 Stars

What an amazing second book in this fabulous series. It has a really great story with lots of interesting characters and the story flows seamlessly from book one to get you right back into the action of these amazing vampires. It is a beautiful, erotic, romantic story of two people having to fight their own demons, to have the perfect life that they richly deserve.

This story is about Cailyn a human, the sister of Elsie, who is the mate of Zander the Vampire King and Jace, who is the Dark Warriors healer and sorcerer who also fights along side his fellow warriors.

Cailyn first sees Jace at Elsie and Zander’s mating ritual and was drawn to him instinctively. Strong attraction to him engulfed her whole body and had never left her even when she had gone back home and was carrying on with her life.

Jace was also harbouring a deep attraction towards Cailyn and he wondered to himself why he felt this way as he had never in all of his seven hundred and so years, ever felt anything for any woman. Although that deep seated attraction was brought firmly back to him when he heard that Azazel an archdemon and Aquiel a fae, working together for Kadir who is the second in command to Lucifer had attacked the car that Cailyn and her friend Jessie was driving home in.

The Dark Warriors, after being told of the premonition that Elsie saw of her sister being attacked, barely made it in time to rescue them but they were just that little bit too late…they were to find that something seriously was wrong with Cailyn and Jessie was never going to be the same again.

They were taken back to the warrior’s home and it was when Jace saw the condition of Cailyn that he found that he couldn't leave her side that the feelings he had for this woman were so strong it was like an overwhelming feeling that he could never let this woman go, even though he felt unworthy of her. And Cailyn seeing Jace by her side, even in her weakened state could not deny her feelings for Jace to herself even though it made her feel guilty as she still loved another man who had been in her life.

This is where the story begins for these two, from finding a cure for Cailyn’s sickness which led Jace and his fellow warriors on a dangerous path and their blossoming romance. Being together in each others company felt so right that the feeling was so strong that they finally succumbed to the feelings that neither of them could deny.

"Please. I need you inside me," she begged, making his decision for him.
"You never have to beg, baby. Anything you want," he murmured as he surged into Cailyn for the first time.

And once these first barriers were down they could not feel happy being apart and their lovemaking got to be earth shattering for both of them…

Slowly, his pace increased and he revelled in the tight slide into and out of her sheath. "Goddess,
you are heaven."
“Harder, Jace. Faster," she begged.

At that moment, his control snapped and he began a hard quick speed that no human male was capable of.

But to be truly happy they had to fight their own personal demons that were holding them back from total fulfilment. And for all the warriors the evil that was stalking the human population still had to be fought against, with the skirm getting more cunning and deadly they had their hands full and when told by a prophecy that worst was to come they all had to be at their very best to conquer over this new threat.

A really strong book. I loved every word in it. I read it from beginning to the end in one hit, I couldn't put it down. This is really showing the promise of a really awesome series.

Well done Brenda and Tami.

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