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Blog Tour ~ Review, Excerpt and Giveaway ~ Trust (Temptation #3) by Ella Frank

Book Description:

TRUST – verb: to believe in the reliability, truth, or strength of another.

Up until now, Logan Mitchell has never had much of a reason to trust anyone.

Having struggled with a self-identity crisis throughout college, he’s spent the years since then creating a sophisticated facade to present to the world.

It’s an armor he thought was impenetrable—until he met Tate Morrison.

The gorgeous, headstrong bartender he’d sat across from only months ago has taken a tight hold of his heart, and Logan is discovering that it’s time to let go.

It’s time to let someone inside.

After years of placing his dreams on hold for his family, Tate has finally chosen to do what makes him happy and follow his heart.

The one thing he never would’ve imagined was that it would lead him into the arms of a man—and not just any man—the striking, never-takes-no-for-an-answer Logan Mitchell.

Tate has fallen hard, and as his world is turned on its axis and they move forward together, he finds his life becoming more entwined with the confident, successful lawyer.

Even though neither man expected the other, it’s time to trust in their relationship—but not everything comes so easily…

“What’s wrong with my hair? Are you saying I need to cut it?”
“No, I’m fucking not,” Logan said as he fingered the curls by Tate’s ear. “And you know it.”

“What would you do if I did shave my head?”

“Kill you? And likely get away with it since I have connections to a very reputable law firm.”

Tate chuckled and shoved Logan until he was on his back beside him. “Be serious.”

Logan turned his head on the pillow and ran his eyes over Tate’s full head of hair. Then he returned his gaze to the eyes watching him. “I would quite possibly cry. For days.”

“Over my hair? It does grow back, you know.”

“Yeah, but not for months,” he grumbled. “Can you please stop talking so calmly about this? You’re making me nervous.”

Tate shifted until his long, lean body was stretched out above him, and Logan widened his legs to allow him to settle in between.

“Don’t worry,” Tate assured him as he lowered his head to kiss the corner of his mouth. He then moved those teasing lips to Logan’s ear and whispered, “I like your hands in it too much to cut it off.”

Logan threaded his fingers through the thick waves and asked, “Like this?”

With a groan, Tate rocked his hips against him, and Logan twisted his fingers tighter.

“Exactly like that.”

“Good,” he said as he wound his legs around Tate’s. “Because this way, I can have a tight hold on you when you’re trying to distract me. I’m onto you, Mr. Morrison. Don’t try to use your body against me.”

He almost lost his willpower when Tate, the cocky fucker, placed his hands on either side of his head and rubbed their erections together.

“You don’t want me to use my body on you?”

“Fuck you,” Logan said, knowing full well that, if he didn’t change the subject or get Tate the hell off him, he was going to roll him over and cease talking altogether.

Usually he’d love nothing more, but right now, he wanted to know why Tate had reacted so strongly to his question from last night—well, early morning. 

“We need to talk.”

Our review:
Reviewed by Donna ~ 5 stars
**ARC received for honest review**
“What he wanted was Tate’s trust – his absolute trust.”

To say that I have loved this series would be a severe understatement and I have been anxiously awaiting its conclusion. I know the wait as been long and torturous but I can say with 100% certainty, Ella Frank delivered and she delivered with a bang!

We have been privy to one intense love affair, a love affair where the odds were against them. In one corner we have Logan, he is our cocky self-assured lawyer, a man who knows what he wants and goes all out to get it. A man that has flitted from bed to bed whether it be male or female, never putting down roots, never having that connection, never having loved or been loved until he met Tate. In the other corner we have Tate, our handsome bartender with a heart of gold, shy in his own way, reserved, the quiet to Logan’s loud, going through a divorce, never having even contemplated a gay relationship, never knowing that was what he wanted, never even entertaining the idea, until he met Logan.

 “You’re so fucking sexy when you’re turned on. The thought of your come inside me definitely made my balls ache, but it was the thought of filling your ass with mine that really sent me over the edge.”

These two together make my heart melt, they have overcome so many obstacles, suffered through people’s prejudices but they have come out on top. Their connection to each other is intense, it is powerful, it is all consuming, not only for them but to the reader too. Ella Frank has brought these two to life, she has made them so real that you cannot help but be entranced by their story. This is a love that is unique for both of them, a love so tender, a love so powerful it is that forever kind of love and through Ella Frank’s writing I have believed every single word. 

“As they both lay there, in the silence of the room, neither one of them said a word – because, really, there was nothing to add to such perfection.”
Trust - watch as Logan and Tate take that final step, a giant leap in their relationship as they go all in, we have seen Logan Take, we have seen them Try and now we get to see them Trust, trust in what they have together, believe in themselves and their future.

Relationship - Intense, powerful, profound, fierce, all-consuming, undeniable, tangible, genuine, sincere just a few words to describe their connection.

Understanding - Not only do we get that development of understanding between Logan and Tate but also with those outside their relationship. Not everyone understands, some never will but we see the change in some and those changes make a huge difference.

Sex - as usual Ella Frank delivers and this book has some intense scenes, not only hot in every sense but the underlying connection, the intense messages that they send to each other, it draws you in on every level. You see them both bare, stripped back, their souls out for each other and us to see. It pulls you in to their dynamic even more will leave an indelible mark in your heart.

Tate - This is a huge book for Tate and he comes into his own in this book, the strength and development in his character is huge and he now has the confidence to give as good as he gets. He pushes Logan; he challenges him in the best ways. He is so assured as to what and he who he is it totally changes their dynamic and only for the better, this also leads to some funny and entertaining scenes.

“Thanks for the biology lesson, smartass, but you never talk about your family, so I was starting to imagine maybe you just arrived on Earth all perfect and shit.”

Their road is not plain sailing, far from it, they still have a lot to overcome, and after all you know that Ella Frank does love a bit of angst too. But despite the trials the tribulations that Ella Frank throws our way while reading you cannot help but admire just how beautiful and emotional this story is. Yes I had tears; quite a lot of tears but because of the sappy soul that I am I also had tears of joy. It is not very often that happens but that is testament to Ella Frank’s writing, she draws those emotions out. Eeks out every single one, you will laugh, you will cry, you will be happy and sad but most of all you will never doubt that what these two have is real, it will be forever, you will believe, you will champion you will these two to their conclusion and if you are anything like me, you will want more, because at the end of the day you do not want to see the back of these days. As I said above, they leave an indelible mark.

“I like that. You going home to your apartment and thinking about me, curious. But you know what I love? You coming home with me – and being absolutely sure.”

Such a fantastic read and I am still thinking about them, Ella Frank I salute you, this was one epic love story.

“Nothing that they hadn’t already said with their bodies needed to be spoken. They had already given each other everything.”
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About the Author:
Ella Frank is a #1 Amazon Bestselling Author. She writes both contemporary and erotic fiction and is best known for her Exquisite and Temptation Series.
The minute she began her love affair with reading, she became and avid supporter of the romance genre and has never looked back.
Ella is Australian born and bred but currently resides in Hillsboro, Portland with her husband.

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