Friday 15 May 2015

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Reap and Reveal (The Reaper Series #3) by Lisa Medley

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 stars

I have come across this amazing series, and have been devouring them quickly to get up to speed with the superb characters that are shown in it. If you haven't read any of them I strongly advise you to do so. I have read them from cover to cover and could not put them down.

This is the third book in this amazing series and it has so much going on in it. Good over Evil is the fight shown in these books. It is about the Reapers and the constant battle against one of Lucifer’s commanders, a fallen angel by the name of Camael, who is putting demons and hells imps onto Earth in the supernaturally charged town of Meridian. Because of this the reapers have been given stronger powers to fight them and they have formed the Reaper Authority Force.

This book concentrates on two of the members of this elite force. Nate who is a human witch but has worked as an EMT during his adult life. The authority had brought Nate into the fold through his friendship with the leader Deacon but also because of his exceptional skills. And Maeve, who is a fairly new reaper who has been drafted into the Authority.

It is about the growing attraction between these two, although it starts out quite differently. Maeve is quite hard-nosed who feels she doesn't need anyone in her life, especially Nate whom Deacon had teamed her with. Nate has been attracted to Maeve from the beginning, even more so when they shared a unique life threatening experience together, but Maeve was not around anymore. Camael had taken her. Nate was going out night after night with his beloved hellhound Bocephus, who had been given to him from up high to help him track demons.

Maeve was going through a very bad time. Things were happening to her that were making her feel sickened and was helpless to do anything about it and was slowly getting resigned to her fate. But through the dogged persistence of the Authority and especially Nate, during one of their nightly furores with the demons they finally come across Maeve and Nate is able to rescue her by amazing means that even he didn't know he possessed.

The story goes on to tell you about the struggle to get Maeve back to her feisty self and it shows how Nate never gives up on her.

“He wanted her. All of her.”

And he was determined to be given the chance, and his chance did come.

Maeve was finding herself not being totally adverse from having Nate close in fact he was making her feel quite squishy and soft inside, not at all like how she normally felt and his kisses were affecting her in the most irresistible way.

“Brushing his lips against her, he nipped at her lip, pressing his forehead to hers. She softened under him and he parted her legs with his knee, slowly pushing against her entrance with his shaft. The tip slid in, and his arms trembled as he tried to hold his weight off her. When she wrapped her legs around his back and raised her hips off the bed to meet him, he broke. Sliding his hands under her head, he wrapped them around the back of her neck, holding her in place as he thrust into her in one long motion, filling her core completely.”

This book has so much going on in it. The fight between Good and Evil is particularly spectacular with the reapers in full throttle against Camael and his demons. Total mayhem is around them which makes for exciting reading. With Nate, at last finding out about his roots and Maeve finding peace in herself, something that has eluded her all her life. Brilliant book and series Ms Medley.

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  1. Thank you so much! I am so pleased you enjoyed my world of reapers. Stay tuned for book four sometime next year. Reap on!

  2. Hi. I loved the books and cannot wait to read your new one. Happy writing :)