Friday 29 May 2015

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Wickedest Witch by Eve Langlais

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 stars

This is one very sexy, erotic book. Where two very strong headed people get thrown together after a disastrous first meet in the local bar. Although, it did not stop either of them from noticing each other and feeling quite lustful, yay!

The first in this unlikely twosome is Evangeline, who is the granddaughter to the very famous Rasputin, and who carries the family name with pride, and who lives up to it to the full. If ever anyone crosses Evangeline, watch out, because she didn't earn the name, the wickedest witch for nothing, her anger is formidable and the magic starts flying with disastrous results for the other person.

The other person is Ryker, a cat shifter, whose reputation goes before him as one who could certainly look after himself. With a very muscular body and rugged good looks he was a sight for sore eyes, but these two had one thing in common, they both worked using threats and intimidation, a match made in heaven, so some would say.

Evangeline owned her own business called Wicked Incorporated, and she took all sorts of jobs which was how, when talking to her latest employer, she was very surprised when in walked Ryker, the overbearing man from the night before, and even more amazed when her employer told her they were to work together on this latest job. And when they came face to face it was instant lust.

This story tells you about the growing erotic attraction between these two. With the dreams they were getting at night and the very hot chemistry during the day that these two shared when in each other’s company it makes their working together quite explosive.

Ryker was given a very big surprise soon after meeting Evangeline which made him all the more determined to get his little witch, and Evangeline, although she wouldn't admit it she was very attracted to Ryker even though she was for ever throwing insults at him.

“Mother would have a kitten if she found out I was dating a shifter. Then again, I don't really want to date him, just have wild, raunchy sex with him.”

This was going to be one annoying, frustrating but oh so hot arrangement working together. Needless to say the relationship that these two had was very hot and it does have its funny moments, but when they did get together they really got together.

“That's it, little witch. Take it. Take all of me." And she did, thrusting back against, inviting him to go deeper, harder. Holy fuck, it was heaven.”

And then it happened


This is a roller coaster ride of a story, with outside influences trying to make things difficult for these two. It is a very enjoyable read and have the ice ready to cool you down when reading it. Great work Ms Langlais.

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