Sunday 28 June 2015

Review ~ More than Water by Renee Ericson

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars

“It doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t feel wrong. It just…feels.”

I absolutely loved this story, it was a prime example of never judge a book by its cover, not in the literal sense but in the way these characters made their opinions from first glance and couldn’t have been more wrong until they started turning the pages. First appearances can be deceptive, it is always worth to take the time and find the real person underneath, you may be pleasantly surprised.

“Somehow, somewhere, and someway, Foster has become my muse, and I’ve learned over the years that it’s best not to fight profoundly speaking passion.”

More Than Water is an NA romance, covering the college life of Evelyn/EJ. Evelyn is the daughter of wealthy parents who have high expectations. They want her to follow in the family footsteps, get her MBA and join the family business. Evelyn is more of a free spirit, she loves her art, this is something that she wants to pursue but with family pressures she is feeling that she has no choice but to do as her parents wish. Evelyn also works in the library and it is here that she meets nerdy, geeky Foster Blake. He is a chemical engineering student, the complete opposite of who she normally falls for; after all she has just split with her bad boy boyfriend who was also in a band.

“Who says I should be that much of a cliché? I’m naturally a masterpiece.”

Foster may have been a geek, but he was a handsome geek…he may have hidden behind his nerdy exterior but underneath was a man with a heart of gold and I have to say he was absolutely perfect in all his geeky hotness. He too had family expectations and was following in the family tradition of all the Foster’s before him, but this was something he loved and had aspired to.

“You know I love it when you talk nerdy to me…forget dirty wordsmithery. Science is where it’s at.”

I loved the banter between these two; I was in stitches at times and swooning in others. It wasn’t long before the lines of friendship began to blur and the progression of their friendship soon turned to friends with benefits. But despite his nerdiness Foster was the driving force behind this relationship, he was the one that opened Evelyn’s eyes, he encouraged her to widen her horizons and it wasn’t long before you could see that this friends with benefits arrangement was slowly turning into more.

“Are the two worlds colliding, meshing, morphing, blurring, and breaking past the spoken and unspoken lines of what we claim to be?”

I loved the slow build, I loved the progression, it flowed effortlessly and I loved that feeling of watching these two both leave their comfort zones and try for more. Foster had been burned in the past so he had his own hesitation and as I said above, Evelyn had never gone for a geek before, he just wasn’t her type, but as they say, opposites attract. Foster was the driving force behind Evelyn, he made her recognise her potential as an artist, he helped her, he supported her and deep down, even though he hadn’t realised it himself, he loved her.

“This is the face of a man looking at a woman he loves. He has no money or prestige, only a heart.”

This book was perfectly balanced and has something for everyone, I laughed, I loved, I cried and I loved some more. I loved the natural progression, it wasn’t rushed, it was realistic, it was honest and it was beautiful to watch. I couldn’t put this book down, it was one of those books that I didn’t want to end and I felt bereft when it did. This is one of those books that would benefit from an epilogue, I know I am a greedy person when it comes to characters that I fall in love with, I never want to let them go, but this one ended too soon, I wanted to know more, a lot more.

“Out of my mind and into reality. I am not the water. I’m something else. More than water.”

I hope Renee Ericson continues their story, even if it is just a novella, I need more Evelyn and Fozzie and I’m not below begging! Highly recommend this one, the banter will have you laughing and their relationship will have you swooning, a fantastic read that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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