Friday 24 July 2015

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ You Only Live Nine Times: Book Three Supernatural Enforcers Agency by E.A. Price

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 stars

This is the latest book in this excellent series. It is sexy, erotic, with sauce and humour running through, a superb story. It is about a very strong willed, sexy, tiger shifter called Isis, who loved the openness of fleeting sexual encounters until she met a certain very good looking detective, where her original thoughts of casual sex turned upside down and inside out.

Isis worked as an agent for the SEA (Supernatural Enforcers Agency) and a very good one she is too, but her love life has seemed to have earned herself a bit of a reputation, not that she cares; in her eyes she just scratches an itch when needed. And then there is the detective, Detective Rafael Silva, who works for the LLPD (Los Lobos Police Department), who is also very good at his job, but is not happy working in a department that is prejudiced against the supernatural community, especially the shifters in his town, it annoyed him no end.

These two were brought together on a certain case. Isis had been asked to check out an incident in one of the towns cemeteries that night, and while there, she was shoved in the back and had landed in an open grave, which was not empty. Phew, and while trying to get out she heard this deep chocolate voice asking her if she needed help getting out, and boy, did that set her libido jumping.

When she met the man who owned that delicious voice, she definitely liked what she saw

“Hmmm, good looks – check
Sexy voice - check
Manners - check”

And her full flirty self came to the fore.

Raf was not immune by the woman standing in front of him, shifter, or no shifter, she was beautiful and he just loved her feistiness which made her eyes go from green to bright yellow and back again, he was fascinated, and being around her was certainly affecting a certain part of his anatomy, he just hoped she didn't notice in the dark, but he didn't realise then that shifters had an acute sense of smell and they could smell desire quite easily.

Coming to a decision after much arguing, who was going to get the case, they agreed to meet in the morning at the LLPD. That night all Raf could dream about was the sexy Isis.

“A fiery-haired tiger shifter doing unspeakable saucy things to his body all night.”

He'd never been so hard in one night, wow. And Isis was fairing no better she had already been feeling frisky before meeting Raf and after, it went through the roof, even women needed cold showers after meeting a man who resembled a six foot god. The next morning after Isis caused quite the stir when she arrived at the LLPD, causing awe in some and jealousy in others, when they saw her stride in, in her sexy way, looking more gorgeous if that was possible in Rafs eyes. It was decided it was going to be a joint investigation with Isis for the SEA and Raf for the LLPD, and that's when life got very interesting for these two.

To say they were attracted to each other was an understatement. Through the story you will see this attraction build, and also what comes out of Isis mouth will get you chuckling, she can be one funny lady and sarcasm, well, let’s say she uses it when needed which can be often, love it.

It started with a kiss, which led to some loving in the back seat of the car...

“Forget his worries over their different species, he needed this woman, wanted her with a burning aching need, and damn if she didn't feel the same.”

To when this very hot attraction between them goes up a notch...

“He watched entranced as his manhood dipped in and out of her body, pulling out covered in her nectar and then disappearing again into her glorious, clenching sex. Isis thought to herself that he was the best lover she had ever had or ever will, and her tiger agreed "Mine".”

You will love this book. Great story, great characters and Hot, Hot sexy loving. A real page turner. Loved it Ms Price.

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