Thursday 2 July 2015

Review ~ The Allure of Julian Lefray by RS Grey

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars

“When I’d packed my bags and left for greener pastures, I’d known that my decision had come with strings attached. Unfortunately, it now looked like those strings were more like chains.”

Well, this book was just what the doctor ordered. I had been on one of those runs of heavy, emotional, heart breaking books and I was in the mood for some fun. I had read the blurb and had immediately downloaded on release day, it sounded just what I needed and it delivered.

Josephine was a woman that you couldn’t help but fall in love with and wanted to be best friends with. She was hilarious, she had an amazing sense of humour, she was highly motivated, she was bright and bubbly, and she was just so loveable. She was a Texas girl through and through but she had aspirations and they were high, but she was determined to succeed. She was a fashion blogger and had quite the following, but it was now time for her to take the next step...New York. New York is the heart of fashion, so packing up everything she moves, finds a dingy flat and now needs a job.

Julian Lefray was a partner in his sisters fashion company, more as an investor than a willing participant. He was business and investment savvy but knew nothing about fashion and when his sister ends up in rehab he finds himself promising to run the company and get it back on track. He needed an assistant and needed one stat.

Julian was a typical gent, he knew how to have fun with the lads but he knew how to treat a lady and he also had morals. You could tell just by the way that he carried himself that he had been brought up well. He was adorable and perfect in every way. He had lines that he would never cross and had never even before been tempted, until he meets Josephine, the Texas girl with the bubbly personality that could never be ignored.

“The next time Dean invited me on his boat, I was going to come prepared with a box of condoms, a padlock and a port-a-potty for the top deck. For fucks sake, I’d been two seconds away from reaching the pinnacle of nirvana, and White Wine Wendy couldn’t hold her pee for a minute longer. WE WERE ON A BOAT. Pee off the side dammit.”

Their working relationship is fun, they take their time getting to know one another and it is this banter that makes this book. They never really have that boss/employee relationship, even though they are so inherently different, they are very much alike and Julian loves that with just a few simple words Josephine has him laughing, something that has been severely lacking from his life.

“He didn’t even know the effect those dimples had on my girly parts. One word: Ijustgotpregnant. Yeah, that’s one word.”

It was obvious from the moment they met that they were attracted to one another; you felt that underlying sizzle, the spark but neither had the courage to really act upon it. Julian, as I said above has his morals, no fraternizing with staff and Josephine has her own too. She wants this job, she really needs this job and she wasn’t prepared to do anything to mess it up, even if it meant foregoing a romp in the hay with Julian Lefray. Josephine was fiercely independent and extremely proud, never asking, she wanted to earn everything, including both money and respect, but with their chemistry, surely it was only a matter of time...

“Do you always carry a t-ball bat in your pants?”
“Jesus, Jo. Can we not talk about youth sports while I’m aroused?”
I reached out to touch the bulge in his pants again. Yup. It needs its own time zone.

You may think that this is just another one of those run of the mill girl falls for boss type reads, but it really isn’t. This is a book that had me in tears of laughter, one that I had a permanent smile etched on my face while reading. I loved that they became friends first, I loved the slow build, that will they won’t they, that please go for it morals be damned attitude I had while reading. I wanted these two to get together desperately, they needed each other more than they realised and it was so apparent through the author’s voice. I loved Josephine with a passion, she was quirky, she was feisty but this girl had heart and it is not often I fall in love with the heroine as much as the hero. Julian Julian Julian, he was so adorable, everyone needs a Julian Lefray in their life. I want more from these two and am hoping that RS Grey will find it in her heart to feed us more of their story. I bet there is no grey, just a life full of colour; after all, there could never be a dull moment around these two. Totally loved it.

“She wasn’t pushing me away and I wasn’t pretending that she was just a friend. No more playful, witty flirtation. Just lust, distilled.”

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