Wednesday 22 July 2015

Review ~ The Shortstop by AM Madden

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars

“The only two people on earth who had the power to crush me have chosen to exercise that power.”

This was my first read by AM Madden and it certainly won’t be my last, the blurb had me at childhood sweethearts and baseball...I was sold.

These two characters had one of those forever friendships and their lives had progressed with each other at the forefront of each other’s thoughts and actions, these two were inseparable. After becoming neighbours at five years old they became friends, then they became best friends and then finally they became lovers. Having spent most of their life together they truly epitomised the words “soul mates.” They knew each other inside out, they could read each other like a book, they knew each other’s idiosyncrasies, they knew each other’s likes and dislikes but most of all, they had that all-compassing love, together they were blinkered, they only had eyes and love for each other. 

Annie was such a beautiful character inside and out. She was really sweet, loyal, loving, giving and totally supportive of Quint. She had followed his baseball career since the beginning and was also his biggest and most vocal cheerleader. Quint though was quite sensible, rather than going pro while still at college he decided to get his degree first and then see what baseball had to offer when the time was right for him and Annie, it didn’t take long for Quint to get the opportunity of a life time.

“Of course, I know he loves me. But I always wonder if it came down to baseball or me, which would he choose?”

Quint was baseball bred through and through, he idolised the sport and loved playing it and he was darn good at it too. Once again AM Madden had created the perfect character with Quint, he was adorable, his love and passion for Annie was off the charts, he worshipped her and idolised her, he put her first and foremost but he was also a total upstanding kind of guy. He was so romantic you couldn’t help but swoon; these two really were the perfect couple.

“Every move he makes is synchronized, reactive. The music that moves him comes in the form of the loud crack of a bat when it makes contact with a ball...or the hissing of air as a ball shoots towards him. He makes it look artistic and choreographed. Watching my man playing baseball is awe-inspiring ...and hot as hell.”

Life always throws its curveballs and this couple had a huge one to contend with. Sometimes what life throws at us can either make us or break us and this was the kind of struggle that this couple now had to deal with. We all deal with life’s challenges differently, but with love and good support network you can overcome most things. Quint and Annie had the biggest support network but will that be enough?

“The ache I feel for her outmeasures any physical pain I’ve endured. It’s a million times more painful.”

This book was perfectly balanced with lots of love, friendships and steam balanced with its fair share of angst, emotion and turmoil. This book had me running the gamut of emotions with both tears of happiness and sorrow. You couldn’t help but connect with these characters and when they hurt I hurt and when they loved I loved, this is testament to AM Maddens writing prowess because she truly brought these characters to life. I have read so many sports related books now in this genre but with this book I actually felt I was there, I was in the stadium, I was watching the game, I was supporting and cheering along with the next person, I was totally wrapped up in this book and I couldn’t put it down. I love it when an author manages to do that through the magic of words, it is an extremely powerful talent. 

“You and I are solid. Tornados can easily destroy a weak foundation that wasn’t built to withstand it. I dare anyone to try and take us down.”

I cannot wait to read another book from this author, if this is a sign of things to come; I may only have time to come up for air.

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