Monday 17 August 2015

Review ~ That Baby (That Boy #3) by Jillian Dodd

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 stars

“I love them in entirely different ways, but I love them both with all my heart.”

This has been one of my most eagerly anticipated books and I have waited years for it to finally come to fruition and I have to say Jillian Dodd did not disappoint. This book killed me in two ways, firstly one character turned into a stark raving loony evil bitch, seriously, we are talking hate on the scale to rival Cathy from Arsen and I thought that was impossible. Then...not only content to make me so angry that I could have combusted Jillian Dodd then shredded my heart, I mean big, fat, ugly tears, uncontrollable sobbing, this book had it all. We have the fun and wit ever present with these characters and we have the anger, the love, angst, tears and smiles, there is something for everyone and those that have followed the characters from the start will love this ending. Jillian Dodd delivered this book in style and if these characters are in your heart as they are mine then you will feel every word, whether it be a bitchy barb or words of heartfelt emotion.

“If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.”

Jayden does a lot of growing up in this book and she truly becomes a mum to be. Learning early on that she is pregnant both Philip and JJ have to embark on a lot of changes, not only have they just got married, also just relocated, now they are expecting and these two handle it brilliantly. One thing that was never in doubt was just how much these two loved each other, they were always there for each other and supported each other, and it was beautiful to read. Philip was the ideal husband and there was nothing he wouldn’t do for JJ, the journal he gave her to catalogue her thoughts as her pregnancy progressed was so thoughtful and also led to some truly amazing entries that had me laughing one minute and crying the next.

“...stitch by stitch. Row by row. I’m coming slowly undone until there is nothing left of me...”

Danny is also a huge part of this book and he is also expecting with his wife Lori. What Jillian did amazingly well in this book was to portray how pregnancy can affect two people so differently. I have to say I did not recognise Lori in this book and Danny deserved so much better. She was the most selfish, ungrateful, evil, manipulative bitch, we can all try and pass off her sudden change of character on hormones but this was just ridiculous...she was married to Danny Diamond FGS, what more could I woman want...obviously too much!!

I loved the way that Philip, JJ and Danny remained firm friends despite their personal lives being so busy and hectic, they were always there for each other, they all had each other’s backs and were there as shoulders to cry on or just a fantastic support system. We all need best friends like these.

The scenes with the gnome had me in hysterics, it is amazing how such an obscure, inconspicuous object can bring so many belly laughs to a book, but this just summed up how these three rolled, even as grown-ups the childhood pranksters were never far behind.

The epilogue was perfect except for the fact that Lori was still in it. I am hoping/begging that Jillian Dodd can write another book for Danny, seriously, he needs to get rid, get divorced and find true happiness. While JJ may forgive and forget, for me Lori can never redeem herself and is totally undeserving of Danny’s affections or JJ and Philips friendship. Even motherhood couldn’t make her see the error of her ways...gah...seriously cannot stand this woman.

“You’re worried about the money? You’ve gotta be fucking shitting me.”

This was a great finale to a series I have loved. I have always vicariously relived my younger years through Jillian Dodd’s books and this was no different, while it was bitter sweet as it was the end, I had the warm and fuzzies at the end.

“Friendship – the people who touch your heart – that’s what matters most in our lives.”

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