Wednesday 2 September 2015

Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway ~ Indecision (Maine Attraction #1) by Elisabeth Grace

Book Description:

Jackie Davenport will try anything once, especially in the bedroom. Anything except falling in love.

She lives a carefree existence packed full of fun, but free from emotional entanglements and that’s just how she wants to keep it. When she meets the new police officer in town, she’s unable to deny the connection between them. His over confidence and bullish ways grate on her…still she can’t help but find herself falling into his bed AND falling for him.

Jamie McTavish is man enough to admit that he probably didn’t make the best first impression when he met the 911 Operator. That doesn’t mean there isn’t still sizzling sexual tension between them. He’s a man of action and he’s not content to sit on the sidelines until Jackie works out her issues. But trying to tame this tiger might be too big of a challenge for even him.

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Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“…haven’t you figured it out yet? We’re a foregone conclusion.”

This was one of those melt your heart reads and I bet that Jamie McTavish will steal a lot of hearts.

Jackie was a 911 call operator, the police had been in her blood as her dad was also a cop, but the job had also cost him his life. Losing her dad had emotional repercussions for Jackie, one was her fear of loss and two was her mantra that she would never ever date anyone in the services, whether he be police, ambulance or fire. Any job that could take her partner was a 100% no go zone. Jackie had seen what loss had done to her mother and she was certain that she would never put herself in that position. But this gave Jackie a pretty lonely existence, having fuck buddies rather than any long lasting committed relationship. She had never felt love, or been in love….until Jamie McTavish.

“I’d been kidding myself to think that I was strong enough to face this.”

Jamie McTavish was the new cop in town, having moved from Boston to this small town in Maine. Jamie was dedicated to his job but also to his dad who was his main reason for moving back to Maine. Jamie totally stole my heart, he was such a kind hearted person, so loving and giving, you couldn’t help but fall for him. He was slowly but surely finding his feet and then he meets a damsel in distress at the side of the road, little does he know who Jackie is, else he wouldn’t have given her a pat down and a sobriety test. While their first meet may not have been the best, there was no mistaking the undeniable attraction that these two had for each other, even from the beginning.

“His body was perfection, but underneath the solid muscle and fuckable exterior was a man who possessed a heart bigger than anyone I’d ever know - a man who now possessed my soul.”

This was a story of overcoming fears, however unfounded or founded, about moving on from the past and living for the present and future. Taking that leap of faith and putting your trust in another, but most importantly it is about falling in love and being loved, one of the most precious things to give and to be given.

“…unsure whether allowing Jamie into my life was my biggest breakthrough or my biggest mistake.”

I loved the connection between Jackie and Jamie, that slow build in the beginning until they both realised just what they were feeling, those little pangs of jealousy being the first indicators and the fact that Jamie would not give up on Jackie really tugged at the heart strings. The chemistry between these two was palpable and the two of them together set fire to the pages. I must admit there were a few emotional scenes that nearly had the tears falling, but I settled for glassy eye syndrome.

“And so I fell asleep in the arms of a man for the first time ever.”

This was a quick read and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. For all us hopeless romantics this one will tick all the boxes and will bring you a huge dose of the warm and fuzzies. Loved this couple and loved this story and one that hammers home just how important love can be from both sides, how much someone can change and just how emotionally rewarding a relationship can be.


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