Friday 23 October 2015

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Melted by the Dragon: A Paranormal Dragon Shifter Romance by Amira Rain

Book Description:

In a future world that is ruled by dragon shifters, fertile women are scarce. They are so scarce that women capable of having children are now often cryogenically frozen for centuries in order to help future generations reproduce.

Curvy Vivian Mason was one of those women who was frozen hundreds of years ago and now it is time for her to be MELTED.

Dragon Commander Jackson Wallace is in urgent need of an heir and he demands that Vivian is melted and awakened in order to produce one for him.

Now, with no memory of how she even got there Vivian has no choice but to go along with whatever her new mate demands.

No matter how bad, rough or naughty it might seem...

Can Vivian produce the baby dragon that Jackson so demands? And what might happen when she finally remembers who she was before she was MELTED?

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Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4 stars

What I loved about this book is that although this book is set in a future where an atomic blast has changed the world as we know it love is still strong and thriving. I found this book endearing but it also has a very sexual romance in it. The two main characters are a dragon shifter and a human woman who had been put in status by being frozen for over three hundred years and who have now been "melted". The woman has come to not knowing anything not even her name, everything is a complete blank to her only to be told she is expected to mate with a Commander Wallace and to give him an heir.

The more she learns about this arrangement the angrier she gets but her first meeting with the great man was not what she expected. He came to her and stood in the doorway, he was totally mesmerizing. Really tall, mid-thirties, beyond handsome, broad shouldered and very rugged looking. Not a lot was said between them this first time but he certainly left an impression leaving the woman with some pretty sensuous thoughts.

When Commander Wallace stood looking at her all he saw was a confused but very beautiful woman who he wanted to get to know more about, much more. Slowly the woman is introduced to the new world she now finds herself in. A world where dragons rule and Commander Wallace is at the top of this new hierarchy and it is with this man she has been chosen to have a child with. Although affronted by this whole idea, slowly they get to know one another, and there was no escaping that Commander Jackson Wallace did affect the woman for on another visit she received by him…

“There was no preparing, however. There was no avoiding the butterflies, anyway. It felt like a thousand of them began flapping their wings all at once the moment I saw his near-unbelievably handsome face.”

You read how she slowly reconnects with life learning what had happened in her past to how she got to be in this new world, and while this is going on the attraction slowly builds between her and the Commander until they really got together for the first time and it was explosive. Starting with an innocent massage to feelings surfacing that in the end neither could deny.

“His member was perfect; almost tortuously so, in a way. As Jackson began thrusting, I began bringing my hips to match his movements, wanting to take his perfect pole as deep inside of me as I could.”

It was so much more than the woman imagined, her climax seems to go on and on and then she heard Jackson say…

"Gorgeous. You're absolutely stunning from the top of your head to your toes."

Slowly but surely with the Commanders sexy half grins and having his strong arms holding her she couldn't deny he had crept into her heart. Also in this story is an evil danger from her past rearing its head that these two have to conquer so not all is good in this bright new world.

This a great story and a very sexy read. Loved it.

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