Thursday 29 October 2015

Review ~ Brando (Brando #1) by JD Hawkins

Book Description:

I know what you want, and I know exactly how to give it to you...

It's why I've got a row of platinum records on my wall and girls lining up for a shot at fame. I'm the best. Now I just need to prove it.

The bet is simple: take a nobody and make her a star. I just didn't bet on HER.

She's not some wannabe, she's the real deal.

But fuck it, I want her. And I always come out on top.

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Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars

“I’m gonna make you a star…whoever you are.”

This is the first book of a duet and is a really quick read at 139 pages; book 2 comes out on November 12th.

I have to say, I love JD Hawkins style of writing, when he first came on to the scene I picked up his first book and have never looked back. As much as female authors can nail a male POV, there is something about a male writing a male POV that just resonates even deeper. I love getting that insight into the male psyche, that first hand cockiness and the male thought processes that make such entertaining reading.

Having worked in the music industry for a few years I was already interested by the synopsis and Brando being an A&R manager for a record company was already tantalising my taste buds. These managers go all out in getting what they want so I was anticipating a bumpy ride.

Brando came across as the cocky, arrogant womaniser but under that playboy fa├žade was a man that had been burned badly. He was passionate about his music, he lived and breathed it, he was fiercely competitive and determined and of course, hot as hell. Brando had broken rule 101 in A&R…don’t fall in love with someone you sign. He had worked tirelessly to get her known and once she hit the big time, she upped and left, Brando was devastated and heart broken and vowed never to put himself in that position again.

“I hate the phrase “push it to the limit” – because for me there are none. I see life as a series of barriers, and behind each one is the thing you want. Some people use their brains to get past, some people bang their heads against them until they break, most people tend to give up and head in another direction entirely – me, I pick up speed and try to break through the first time. No second thoughts, no doubts and no slowing down. The trouble is that when you live like that, you tend to make a mess.”

Haley was a quiet, introverted musician, but her heart and soul bled through the music and lyrics that she wrote. She wanted to make it big in the music industry but on her terms. She was uncompromising with her craft, she didn’t want any flashy gimmicks, pop hooks or such like, she wanted her music to speak for itself.

Open mic night, a blast from the past and a bet lead to Brando and Haley’s paths cross. Brando never backs down, but as these two learn more about each other is history going to repeat itself?

“…but it’s just a prelude, a slow-building overture. I lose myself in a flurry of sensations, so many it’s like there are a dozen of him, kissing and touching and biting at my body with beautiful timing.”

I adored Brando and Haley; these two were both so passionate about music and especially its roots. They had so much in common and once they go to know each other properly you could see where this was going to end up. Sometimes people just click and these two did just that. Brando puts himself out there once again and while I felt his hesitance when this guy goes in, he goes all in. I loved that Haley wasn’t a push over, she was confident and head strong and had no qualms in standing up for herself.

“It’s always about the music, right?”

I can’t wait to see what happens to these two, November cannot come quick enough!!

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