Friday 20 November 2015

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ The Guardians by Mandy M Roth

Book Description:

Ass-kicking Guardian, Madelyn Mason, is the only female in a sea of supernatural males. College student by day, she spends her nights fighting for mankind--the innocents, the ones who have no clue that the things of nightmares walk among the living.

Larger than life Hollywood hunk, Brady Devens, has won the hearts of millions of adoring fans. But, the only heart he wants to win is that of his mate, Madelyn. She hasn't shown an interest in him as anything more than a friend, and he's beginning to think the Powers That Be goofed.

In this world of magik, mishap, demons, gods, and pleasure nymphs, anything is possible. Can they find a love that transcends time and space or will the Powers That Be decide maybe they weren't destined for one another after all?

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Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 stars

What a book. Fast paced and a really great story, with a real shit kicking heroine. I am sure this will be another phenomenal hit of a series if this first book is anything to go by. With sexy, erotic lovemaking in the mix what more could any reader want.

The story revolves around two main characters, Madelyn Mason a young woman who is more than what she appears to be. A college student by day and a woman to behold at night. A woman who is unafraid to take on the evil that stalks among the humans and goes out and destroys it as she only knows how.

Then there is Brady Devens, one very handsome guy. A film star who has girls flocking around him whenever and wherever he shows his face in public, but he also is more than what he seems to be, which makes for intriguing reading.

These two have been friends for a long time and have shared a house for the past two years. Spending lots of time together as they both feel happier when being in each other’s company. The story takes you along their journey together and what a journey it is, from Madelyn finding out secrets that have been kept from her since she was very young to the emerging of the true character of Brady and exactly what he is to her.

This book keeps your interest throughout, with different paranormals woven into the story from Vampire to werewolves to pleasure nymphs. They all make this story a pleasure to read.

Madelyn can be one very sexy lady and keeps the men around her on their toes and she has a delightful sense of humour and is not backward in coming forward even to mixing a bit of magic to bring it to the desired effect. Although Madelyn sees Brady as her best friend she also knows deep down there is something more on some deeper level, some sexual chemistry between them and having to lie to him about her other life away from him hurts her deeply.

Also Brady cannot help his true feelings for Madelyn show a bit more than they had in the past which makes for good reading. The slowly changing tempo of their relationship is told beautifully and their sexy bantering and the way they can’t stop touching each other can be very revealing as it slowly builds.

“The feel of his skin against mine drove me insane with need. Brady's hands wandered down slowly he would have run it over the scar above my breast and brought it up high, holding tight to it, scared to let him go, scared to keep him near. There was so much I was holding back from him. So much he was entitled to know.”

With danger building up around Madelyn, the story heats up and truths will come out. Another really good book from Ms. Roth and I will certainly be reading Book 2 in the New Year in fact it is already pre-ordered. I cannot wait to dive in.

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